Silly Exam Answers

2nd June 2016

Whilst wracking my brain for more blogs to join the ever-growing backlog on my work computer, I came across, as I often do, a sudden burst of inspiration in the shape of an image of a child’s messy scrawl over an exam paper. Here is what it read… At the same time as I was […]

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Assessing Young Children: How Important are the Early Years?

14th April 2016

As per an article currently on the BBC website, there has been research over the last decade into the extent to which children’s’ early education correlates to their level of ability by the end of their time at primary school. This article will look at two specific areas of this debate. Firstly, the controversial question […]

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Are the skills we learn at school useful in the adult world?

21st March 2016

I was recently intrigued by a letter to a national newspaper in which a parent asked why we learn the things we do in school? She was of the opinion that it would be far more useful if we learned subjects and practices that would have a more direct bearing on being able to live […]

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Would leaving the EU affect education?

25th February 2016

In terms of current issues in the UK, there is perhaps nothing that will be more prevalent in the news and media over the next few months than the EU referendum. We have already heard, from various parties, both political and non-political, how the result of this referendum will have huge significance on the future […]

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Summer Born Children

14th July 2015

How disadvantaged are our summer born children? A recent report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies suggests that there is a significant gap between September born and August born pupils: ‘More than 60% of September-born pupils achieve five A* to C grades, compared with less than 54% of those born in August’ Of course you […]

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Young Writers

15th January 2015

Some argue that great writing only comes with experience and, therefore, young people are unable to write great fiction. Here are nine authors who prove this isn’t always the case by writing notable works before turning 21! Pre 20th Century Writers Alexander Pope Born 1688 Pope wrote “Ode on Solitude” when he was just 12 […]

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Now You Know

7th January 2015

  Here is a list of 10 commonly held beliefs which are actually myths. If you didn’t know before, you do now! 1. Romans used the vomitorium to empty their stomachs so they could keep eating In fact, the word was used to describe the passageways in amphitheatres through which thousands of people would pour […]

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3rd December 2014

Ever heard these famous quotes? You may be surprised to learn that all is not as it seems with them… “Beam me up, Scotty” Star Trek Widely attributed to Captain Kirk in Star Trek, in fact this line was never uttered! Kirk did say, however, “Beam us up, Mr Scott” in one episode. “Elementary, my […]

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Homework Headache

5th November 2014

Homework is always a touchy subject. Everyone has an opinion and many feel quite strongly about it. Do schools set too much? Is it a useful tool for teachers? Or is it just a waste of time for all concerned? There are many arguments which support the use of homework to supplement schooling. To begin […]

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