Headmistress to leave UK over private school image

28th January 2013

Frances King, headmistress at one of the leading private schools in the UK, has announced that she will be leaving both the institution and the country this summer due to what she describes as a hardening of attitudes towards fee-paying establishments. Roedean School near Brighton,Sussex, is recognised as being amongst the most successful girls’ schools […]

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League tables show quarter of A-level schools failing

25th January 2013

Newly published league tables have revealed that a quarter of schools and sixth form centres offering A-levels are not turning out any pupils with what have been deemed as ‘top’ grades. The rankings showed that a worrying number of institutions, around 600 in total, last year did not have any students leaving with ‘AAB’ grades […]

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Priority Schools Building Programme ahead of schedule

24th January 2013

Officials behind the government’s flagship Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP) have revealed that it could be finished ahead of schedule, provided that the first stages of the scheme continue at their current rate of development. Director of capital at the Education Funding Agency (EFA), Mike Green, confirmed that the existing end date for the improvements […]

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MPs criticise schools careers guidance provision

23rd January 2013

A number of influential MPs have raised concerns over the increasingly inadequate careers guidance which is being given to pupils in schools across the UK. The Chair of the Education Committee, Graham Stuart MP, explained that he and his colleagues are worried that genuinely helpful advice is becoming ever shorter in supply at a time […]

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Parents angry at 'random' snow school closures

22nd January 2013

Many parents across the UK have expressed anger at the seemingly ‘random’ nature of some school closures, which have been prompted by the recent bad weather, with some claiming that their children are unnecessarily missing out on lessons. Several individuals and groups have criticised some schools for being too quick to shut their doors because […]

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Pupil referral unit is first to become academy

21st January 2013

One of the most highly rated pupil referral units in the UK has become the first of its kind to gain academy status, giving its head more of a say on which youngsters it takes on in the future. The Complementary Education Academy in Northampton is led by Bobbie Kelly, who explains that she took […]

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New ranking system prepared for A-level institutions

A new system ranking the performance levels of schools and colleges offering A-level tuition is due to release its first results on January 24th, with the government stating that the aim behind it is to help prepare more students for study at top-level universities. As well as presenting figures related to the overall number of […]

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More schools show interest in pre-designed buildings

18th January 2013

One of the construction industry’s leading publications has said that more school leaders would be willing to use pre-designed or standardised buildings in the future. A survey carried out by Building Magazine revealed that approximately 40 per cent of schools would be interested in going down the route of purchasing either pre-designed or standardised units, […]

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Shadow Education Secretary urges debating in schools

Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, Stephen Twigg, has spoken of his plans to introduce more debating societies into state-run schools. In a statement, Twigg said that he believed that many children would benefit from the chance to get more involved with the process of debating, which is currently mainly limited in education to universities and a […]

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Ofsted launch new underperforming area inspections

Ofsted have announced that they are to embark on a new series of inspections, specifically targeting schools in local authority areas which are deemed to be underperforming. Announcing the initiative, the organisation’s chief inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, said that the inspections would focus on six regions in particular where he says

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