Do Absences During Term Time Affect a Child’s Education?

29th October 2014

With new guidelines being produced by the Head Teachers Union this week, to help make it clear to both teachers and parents when authorised absences from school are acceptable, the question is sure to be asked again, whether absences make a difference to a child’s education. Council leaders are calling for an end to the […]

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School Playground Fads

22nd October 2014

Every so often, a new craze sweeps the playgrounds of the UK, causing delight to children, stress to parents and, on occasion, injury to others! The current fad, Loom Bands, is being sold in every shop from the 99p Store to Harrods and being made into everything from bracelets through to cushion covers. This blog […]

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Taking a Public Oath as a Teacher

Labour’s shadow secretary of state for Education, Tristram Hunt, is calling for teachers to take a public oath, similar to the hippocratic oath taken by doctors, committing themselves to the values of their profession. It follows Hunt’s visit to Singapore, the purpose of which was to look for good ideas to bring to England.  Mr […]

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Inspirational Teachers

8th October 2014

It is with great sadness that I hear of a global shortage of teachers. The UN News Centre wrote on 2nd October 2014 that: A global shortage of teachers has pressured many countries into hiring educators with little or no training, undermining the educational progress of numerous school-age children around the world, the United Nations […]

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Top Ten English Writing Tips

5th October 2014

1. When to capitalise There are basically two different reasons you capitalise a word: it is the first word in a new sentence it is a proper noun You always capitalise the first word in a sentence. You always capitalise a proper noun unless it is purposefully lowercase (e.g. iPod). Proper nouns include people’s names, […]

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Common Confusions

1st October 2014

1. Fewer or Less? Fewer and less are often confused, but if you think about whether the noun is countable or uncountable that will help. You can count packs of butter, litres of milk and individual cars but you can’t count butter, milk or traffic. We use fewer to talk about countable nouns, e.g. there […]

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The Benefits of Online Education

26th September 2014

Online learning is becoming more and more popular. It offers training anytime, anywhere to anyone. It’s a vibrant market that’s growing fast. Companies, universities, schools and parents are all getting involved. A survey by Ambient Insight Research found that the worldwide market for e-learning products was $32.1 billion in 2010 and is expected to rise […]

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Tricks to work out maths sums quickly

10th September 2014

Once you get the hang on them, these handy tricks will help you work out sums quickly. 1. Twins If you find it difficult to remember timetables, remember that you can always flip a multiplication to make it easier. So, if you struggle with your 7 times table and are faced with 7 x 5, […]

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Inequalities in Extra-Curricular Tuition

4th September 2014

It was interesting to read the Sutton Trust’s report on “Extra-Curricular Inequalities” (September 2014). Some of their key findings are not at all surprising: like the fact that those children from more affluent families are more likely to receive private tuition. This is not surprising because the cost of private tuition can reach extraordinary levels […]

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Back to School

The end of the summer term may well feel a distant memory to many parents, but for  students, especially those at primary school, it probably feels like a lifetime! But now we are approaching ‘D Day’ when our children head back to school to enter a new academic year and, in many cases, to move […]

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