The Homework Debate

16th July 2014

Many schools now give homework. Even 5 year olds are being given homework on a regular basis. As a teacher, and a parent, I can see two sides to the homework debate. It could be argued that giving homework is a good way of reinforcing what has been covered in the lesson, it gets students […]

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Teaching maths

15th July 2014

What a joy it is to be a maths teacher! I love taking students from the scary dark tunnel of bewilderment, into the bright sunshine of understanding. As a youngster, I always struggled with maths. I just didn’t understand what was going on in class, was far too afraid of my teachers to risk being […]

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Changes to the GCSE and A levels in 2014

10th July 2014

Schools across England are being warned of a drop in good grades in GCSEs and A levels this summer. This comes after a series of reforms in the qualification system led by Mr Gove, These changes, he explains, are ‘essential in order to compete with the best in the world’. Until recently, pupils have been […]

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Tutoring or Private Education?

5th July 2014

I notice in The Daily Telegraph today (4th July 2014), that there is an article about which is better to spend your money, private schools or tutoring. I have to declare an interest as I work for an online tutoring company, TLC LIVE and we see all sorts of people choosing to use our services. […]

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Work home balance

4th July 2014

How difficult it is to maintain a work home balance when you’re coping with the conflicting demands of a career and children. So many mums today don’t have the luxury of choosing to stay at home. It’s a financial necessity to return to work. The relative calm of maternity leave quickly becomes a distant memory, […]

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What skills should an online tutor possess?

3rd July 2014

As the online industry is still in its infancy, especially in the UK, it is worth asking the questions as to what really does make a good online tutor? Well apart from having the usual grasp of their particular subject which, for this article at least let’s take that as read, there are other techniques […]

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SPaG tests explained

2nd July 2014

What are the new SPaG tests for Key Stage 2? SPaG – or Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar – is a new set of tests introduced in the UK from May 2013, which forms part of the SATs for end of Key Stage 2 (11 year olds). Most Year 6 children will take the SPaG Level […]

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PE in schools

1st July 2014

It has been announced that PE will be made a higher priority in Primary schools starting in September 2014. This follows an Ofsted warning that that too many pupils are being denied the chance to take part in competitive sport by state schools that have been treating it as an “optional extra”. From next September […]

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Can schools make more use of the online market?

27th June 2014

Just a few years ago online tuition for schools was just not available. But gradually schools have seen more and more possibilities as the online market opens up for them. Computer assisted learning really began with companies offering banks of questions to assist student in a particular subject, initially mostly maths, and for a particular […]

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How expats can keep their children up to speed

25th June 2014

What to do with your children’s education when you are posted abroad? More and more people are travelling for their work these days and not only travelling but moving. Families follow husbands, wives or partners to all corners of the world and many of them will, of course, have children. This will lead to the […]

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