The impact of technology on education

25th June 2014

With modern digital technologies now being a part of everyday life, schools have adapted to utilise these developments with many now spending thousands of pounds on tablets and investing in technologies that seem alien to most parents. This blog post will touch on different technologies schools have used, how this has affected the way children […]

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What is the Curriculum?

18th June 2014

While a scheme of work or a lesson plan is a very tangible, concrete thing, the curriculum is a somewhat more ambiguous beast. The curriculum has been defined in many different ways by many different theorists. The Oxford Dictionaries Online describes it rather vaguely as “the subjects comprising a course of study in a school […]

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Summer survival hints & Tips

28th May 2014

During the long summer holiday children still need mental stimulation and the chance to practise their literacy or numeracy skills at every opportunity. Here are some suggestions for parents to try over the summer; 1. Shopping trips presents a great opportunity to practise numeracy. Encourage your child to add up the rough price of a […]

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Supporting Students with Learning Difficulties

7th May 2014

In July 2013 the Department for Education released a Statistical First Release providing information on the breakdown of data on students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in England in January 2013[i]. The report shows that, overall, the percentage of students with SEN status has decreased from 19.8% in 2012, to 18.8% at the time of […]

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How To Be A Savvy Internet Researcher

9th April 2014

Being a savvy internet researcher is an important skill which can help you to improve your grade. Whether you are researching a topic for an A Level essay, revising for your GCSEs, doing your school homework or just interested in finding out more about something; you have to be careful to check that the resources […]

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Confidence and Learning

Confidence is an attribute in children which has to be built slowly over time, but can be knocked quickly. If in a day a child receives 50 positive comments and one negative, you can guarantee it will be the negative that they remember and which has the greatest impact. Why children lack confidence For some […]

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Common Test or Exam Mistakes to Avoid Making

2nd April 2014

Exams are really high-pressured, and, for some, the worries surrounding them can proliferate all those dreams about the alarm not going off and being late for an exam/forgetting your pen/opening the exam paper and realising you’ve totally forgotten to revise (trust us, you’ll still be getting them when you’re not at school anymore, but there […]

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Curriculum Matters

2nd September 2013

The school curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences that each school plans for its pupils. [i] The national curriculum is just one part of the school curriculum, but it’s an important one. The school year in 2014 is going to see a lot of changes to the national curriculum. The coalition government’s aim in […]

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Navigating the primary to secondary school transition

20th August 2013

Transferring from primary to secondary school is an important rite of passage for every Year 6 student. Depending on the child, the ‘big move’ can be a smooth and straightforward transition that gently introduces them to the world of secondary education, or a nerve-racking and overwhelming experience in which they can struggle to adapt to […]

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