Independent schools bid to become 'free' institutions

20th February 2013

Newly released figures from the Department for Education have shed light on the kinds of schools which have made applications to become ‘free’ establishments since the government’s programme was launched in 2010, with a number of interesting statistics now coming to light. It was revealed that, for example, roughly a third of the schools which […]

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Wi-Fi improvement urged across UK's schools

19th February 2013

The Chief Executive of the influential E-Learning Foundation, Valerie Thompson, has warned that primary and secondary pupils throughout the UK are at risk of being held back in their education by a lack of adequate Wi-Fi provision in schools. Many subjects now benefit from the provision of extensive interactive online tuition programmes, but figures produced […]

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OECD praises performance but questions inequality

18th February 2013

The results of new international league tables published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have found that the UK’s school pupils are performing better than average compared to other countries, but that there is still cause for concern in terms of inequality. The report suggested that British schools are generally good when […]

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ASA calls for more swimming lessons in schools

15th February 2013

The governing body of swimming inEngland, the ASA, has responded to a report released by Ofsted on the state of physical education in schools by saying that more needs to be done to introduce their sport to pupils at a young age. The report itself was generally fairly positive about how schools are performing in […]

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Schools dispense with beef after horsemeat scandal

Around 350 schools in Staffordshire have removed beef from their daily menus, in the wake of fears that horsemeat may have contaminated some of the dishes which are served in the county’s educational establishments on a regular basis. Negative reaction to the horsemeat scandal has spread through supermarkets and other premises in theUKand the rest […]

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GCSE results group lose court battle

13th February 2013

A group of local council officials, teachers’ unions and school leaders have been unsuccessful in their bid to enforce the re-grading of thousands of GCSE English exams after a row erupted over last year’s results. The High Court rejected the argument put forward by the collective that the grades of many pupils had been downgraded […]

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US schools to receive free copies of Lincoln

12th February 2013

Legendary director Steven Spielberg has confirmed that he will be distributing free copies of his new film Lincoln to schools all over the US in the coming weeks, so that more children can become familiar with the life story of one of the country’s most famous presidents. The announcement is being made as part of […]

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Ofsted warns of poor pupil premium usage

11th February 2013

A new report by the schools inspectors’ body Ofsted has warned that too many educational establishments are still not making full and proper use of the pupil premium funding that they have been awarded. The scheme is aimed at improving the academic attainment of children from poor backgrounds, and grants schools across the UK a […]

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Gove accused of 'turning the clock back' by Labour

8th February 2013

The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has been accused by Labour’s opposite number of failing to build a schools system which is suitable for the modern world, and instead being overly focused on ‘turning the clock back’. In a piece which appeared on the Telegraph newspaper’s website,

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Finance education coming to schools from 2014

It has been confirmed that secondary schools will have to offer personal finance education lessons from September 2014 after the measure was included for the first time in a draft version of the national curriculum.

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