Schools welcome Premier League referees into class

7th February 2013

A new project known as ‘Get On with the Game’ is bringing Premier League referees into schools across the UK, so that they can help to promote positive behaviour amongst pupils both in and outside of the classroom. Those behind the scheme believe that these experienced match officials have what it takes to instil the […]

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Primary teaching still viewed as 'woman's profession'

6th February 2013

A new study has found that primary school teaching is still seen by many as primarily a ‘woman’s profession’, which may be preventing many men from seeking a career in the early stages of education. The research, which was carried out by a team from Nottingham Trent and Bedfordshire universities, concluded that a significant proportion […]

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Labour blasts government's schools rebuilding record

Labour’s shadow schools minister, Stephen Twigg, has strongly criticised the government’s record of rebuilding educational establishments since it came to power, branding its Priority Schools Building Programme a failure. Under the project, a total of 261 schools were identified as being in need of significant renovation by officials, but Education Minister Elizabeth Truss confirmed that […]

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New technology to help Downs Syndrome speech

5th February 2013

Speech and language experts at Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University have unveiled a new form of technology which could help children with Downs Syndrome develop improved communication skills. The innovative method, known as electropalatography, has already been rolled out at some schools in Scotland and works by tracing the child’s tongue movements via a machine which […]

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Schools encouraged to arrange more off-site trips

A new report produced by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has encouraged schools to dispel their own fears about health and safety and arrange more educational trips for their pupils. The increasing reluctance of some institutions to embark on off-site days out has been well publicised in recent years, with reports […]

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Concerns over number of schools teaching Mandarin

4th February 2013

A new report commissioned by the British Council and HSBC has speculated that far too few schools in the UK are teaching the Mandarin Chinese language, which they say could have a negative effect on the economy. Currently, it is estimated that only nine per cent of secondary schools present Mandarin as an option for […]

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DfE data reveals £2.4 billion schools surplus

1st February 2013

Newly published data from the Department for Education has shown that the UK’s schools have an average budget surplus of £2 million, with the total figure working out at £2.4 billion. These figures indicate that the amount of unused money being held by educational establishments has increased by around a third over the last two […]

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New report warns of failing schools hitting economy

31st January 2013

A new report published by the London School of Economics (LSE) has warned of the lasting damage that could be caused to the economy if the UK’s ‘mediocre’ education system fails to improve significantly in the coming years. The damning review was carried out on behalf of the LSE by Professor Tim Besley, a Nobel […]

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Google donate Raspberry Pi microcomputers to schools

30th January 2013

It has been announced that Google will be donating 15,000 Raspberry Pi microcomputers to schools around the UK as the search engine giants join in with efforts to create a better understanding of computer science amongst the country’s youngsters. The Raspberry Pi Foundation, whose founders came up with the idea of this tiny yet versatile […]

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Report urges more choice for disadvantaged children

29th January 2013

A newly published report has indicated that more still needs to be done to ensure that children from poorer backgrounds are given sufficient choice when it comes to selecting a good quality secondary school. A government backed review was carried out by David Boyle, a fellow at the New Economics Foundation, and found that some […]

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