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If you need help with humanities, online tuition with TLC LIVE could be the answer.

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TLC LIVE Humanities tutors are very passionate about the subjects they have to offer, giving each student that instant enthusiasm to start learning.

TLC LIVE currently offer Geography, History and Religious Studies within Humanities. We are offering these subjects to students from KS2 through to GCSE level including specific support for the different exams boards and course pathways. If there are certain areas of a subject a student is struggling with, this will be flagged up after the lesson in the feedback report. Feedback reports are filled out by both the student and the tutor, working out where their strengths are and areas to focus on for the next lesson.

We know that every student has a different work ethic and our tutors do their best way to find a way in which each student will thoroughly enjoy and engage in the lesson. To help with this, we are adding new content weekly, so there is always something new for students to get stuck into. Each lesson is individualised to every student. Before every lesson the lesson plans can be viewed by the student giving them a chance to know what will be covered next time.

Expert humanities tuition

Of course, some pupils won't struggle with subjects within Humanities, but it is always good to revise topics before exams.

Hiring an online tutor may not have been something you have considered before, but there are tangible benefits which come with this unique way of teaching. The most obvious of these is convenience, online tuition can cut out the travelling to tutor sessions and offer flexible hours. At TLC we believe that every child should be given the chance to make the most of their abilities and we understand that online lessons are often the best environment for a student to truly get to grips with any aspect of the subject.

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