Left Handed Students

21st July 2014

How difficult is it for left handed students to live in a world designed by right handed people?

Approximately 10% of the population is left handed. Experts tell us that the left-handed and right handed brains are wired differently.

Being left handed myself, I struggled to cope with the scissors and pens I used in school and it took me longer to achieve the goals my right handed friends seemed to handle with ease.

Indeed a former Tory defence minister: Peter Luff MP, is calling for an overhaul of teacher training and the national curriculum so that left handed students are given the space and correct implements to achieve the same results as right-handed pupils. He says that ‘left-handed kids are currently being made to feel “clumsy and awkward” at school’

It’s common for a left handed to child to struggle with letter reversal and, as a teacher, I have noticed that left handed students can be slower to learn to read and write, although they do catch up and there’s no long lasting effect.

In fact there just may be some advantages to being left handed. There does seem to be a link with increased creativity and, with the exception of George W Bush, the last 5 US presidents have all been left handed!

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