Online Chemistry Tutoring

We help children gain confidence in chemistry and take their chemistry understanding to the next level. Each of our dedicated tutors is a qualified UK teacher with a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). We have already delivered more than 6,000 hours of online chemistry tuition to all key stages and helped students significantly increase their grades. We teach AQA, OCR & Edexcel and our prices start at £25. We welcome individual private students, local authorities responsible for looked-after children and schools looking to help their students recover lost ground, and we’re a proud National Tuition Programme partner.

Why choose TLC Live for online chemistry tutoring?

Fully qualified UK teachers

TLC LIVE’s tutors each have at least two years of experience. They are proven subject experts, and all have a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

Bespoke learning content

Students complete a comprehensive initial assessment to help design a learning plan around each their specific needs.

All exam boards covered

All our tutors have up-to-date knowledge of the OCR, AQA, and Edexcel exam boards.

15 years of proven results

Tutors draw from tens of thousands of hours of tailored educational content to deliver engaging sessions.

Approved NTP tuition partner

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) provides high-quality tuition to disadvantaged students. As an approved partner, we run online NTP-funded sessions in real-time with a dedicated tutor.

Tuition at all levels

TLC LIVE’s tutors assist students with varying abilities at all levels – from KS1 up to GCSE.

Lessons from £25*

TLC is an affordable option with no extra costs, such as travelling or materials. Simply book the number of lessons you want (minimum six), at a time that suits you and get started!

*Based on a minimum of 6 lessons.

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Parent reviews of our online tuition service

Parents rate TLC’s online chemistry tuition 4.46 out of 5 stars

“I am pleased to inform you that Richa achieved an A* in Chemistry. Thanks to the entire team at TLC LIVE.”


“TLC has changed our lives. Both mine and my son’s. School was dreaded: parents’ evenings were a list of things he hadn’t achieved, and homework a battle. The TLC team have shown Finn a world where learning is fun and where he’s given the time he needed to ‘grasp the nettle’.”


“We are so very pleased with the progress Oliver has made since commencing his tuition with TLC LIVE. His last school report showed that Oliver had improved by two sub levels in just one term and he is now achieving results above the national average. For Oliver, learning online is far more interesting than being taught in a classroom and much less intimidating.”


Teacher reviews of our online tuition service

“I must admit that I have been sceptical of the value and impact of online tuition until my association with TLC LIVE. The pupils have engaged, enjoyed and showed tangible progress since we started using the programme in Years 10 and 11. The service and communications is excellent and the flexibility to tailor the content to your pupils’ needs is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending TLC to any secondary school looking for high quality intervention strategies.”


“Birchwood High School have worked with TLC for seven years and we have nothing but praise for the quality of tuition and the personal customer service. Whether face-to-face or online our students continue to thrive with the dedicated attention of excellent tutors. Highly recommended for quality intervention”


“TLC have been a fantastic organisation to work with. The students loved it and really engaged. Working with our teachers, TLC delivered continual monitoring and feedback. The staff were impressed, and the students attained fantastic results. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with TLC, who are definitely becoming part of our team.”


How online chemistry tuition with TLC works

Step 1

Every student begins their online chemistry tuition with a comprehensive assessment designed to identify the areas where they need the most support.

Step 2

Our tutor then designs a personalised learning plan for them, leveraging TLC’s library of over 20,000 hours of teaching resources.

Image of a student participating in online chemistry tuition with TLC LIVE platform

Step 3

The online chemistry tuition takes the form of a series of 60-minute sessions. Students can log in from any internet-connected computer, all they need to do is show up and do their best.

Step 4

After each session, the tutor makes a note of the student’s progress and performance so they can see their improvement over time.

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What do our tutors say about our chemistry curricula?

“I have really come to value TLC’s detailed, interactive lesson plans, and the feedback and assessment data is really useful for next steps. It’s rewarding to see students improve so quickly, and it’s great to see them really begin to understand tough concepts like balancing equations.”

Science Tutor

“After years of teaching, I’ve been with TLC as a remote chemistry tutor for a little over a year. The resources are great, and it’s nice to have science videos for each topic. They provide a great jumping off point, and from there I can adjust my approach to suit each student – something I couldn’t do in the classroom.”

Science Tutor

Test yourself – questions from our chemistry tuition content

Substances are made up of small particles called ______.

There is approximately ____nitrogen in the atmosphere.

Procion is used for _____.
Pain relief
Food sweetners
Making white paint
Colouring clothing

The petrochemical industry refines crude oil in a process called ______.
Absorption spectrum
Random copolymer
Fractional distillation

Frequently asked questions

Yes, they will! All our online chemistry tutoring is conducted in real time with a live tutor that the student can hear and speak to.

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Lessons can run anytime to suit the organisation, whether that’s from school, from home, during the day or in an evening. TLC LIVE also run lots of lessons over holidays as targeted revision or catch-up sessions.

Yes! This is the whole point of TLC LIVE. The tutor will identify the student’s learning needs and skill gaps and build an individual learning plan around these requirements.

No. TLC LIVE lessons are structured in order to maximise learning and filling missing gaps in the time available.

Yes, every student is given their own individual learning plan. After the initial assessment, we put a plan together that deals with the skill gaps identified. The plan will be adjusted as other areas of required academic focus come to light.

We have our own bespoke educational content that we update on a daily basis.

Tutors work with students in real time, guiding students through new skills or reviewing things the students may have forgotten. As students work on lessons to demonstrate understanding, and eventually mastery, of these skills, tutors will monitor their progress. Tutors leave feedback after each lesson providing information on the students’ performance and progress. Parents can log on to our website and check the feedback left by the tutor.

All of our UK based tutors are fully qualified to teach and have classroom teaching experience. We ensure all tutors have Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) and are PGCE qualified with an accompanying Bachelor Degree. They also have a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) as standard.

All lessons can be cancelled or rearranged with 36 hours’ notice. This gives you the freedom to use TLC LIVE as and when you need it.

Any lesson that needs to be cancelled or rearranged can be done so with 36 hours’ notice. Whether this is to change a student’s timetable permanently or simply for a one-off lesson, we can support to make sure the lessons are running at a time that best suits the needs of the student.

For further questions on our online chemistry tutoring or any other services we offer, check out our full FAQ page or contact us.

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