Online Secondary School Science Tuition

At TLC LIVE, our tutors help increase students’ confidence in secondary school science, setting them on the path to exam success. We use fully qualified UK teachers, and every tutor holds a DBS. To date, our tutors have delivered upward of 11,000 cumulative hours of secondary school science tuition and helped students increase their attainment. For students preparing for their GCSEs, we cover AQA, OCR and Edexcel. Sessions cost £25 and we work with parents, local authorities and schools. We’re also proud to be a National Tuition Programme partner.

Why choose TLC Live for secondary school science tuition?

Expert tutors & fully qualified UK teachers

TLC LIVE’s tutors each have at least two years of experience. They are proven subject experts, and all have a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) or an enhanced DBS.

Bespoke learning content

Students complete a comprehensive initial assessment to help design a learning plan around each their specific needs.

All exam boards covered

All our tutors have up-to-date knowledge of the OCR, AQA, and Edexcel exam boards.

15 years of proven results

Tutors draw from tens of thousands of hours of tailored educational content to deliver engaging sessions.

Approved NTP tuition partner

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) provides high-quality tuition to disadvantaged students. As an approved partner, we run online NTP-funded sessions in real-time with a dedicated tutor.

Tuition at all levels

TLC LIVE’s tutors assist students with varying abilities at all levels – from KS1 up to GCSE.

Lessons from £25

TLC is an affordable option with no extra costs, such as travelling or materials. Simply book the number of lessons you want, complete your free assessment and get started!

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Parent reviews of our secondary science tuition

Parents rate TLC’s online secondary school science tuition 4.46 out of 5 stars

“Both of my children continue to attend TLC LIVE because the tutoring is tailored to suit their individual educational needs but most importantly, they enjoy it.”

“TLC LIVE gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace with the support of excellent and very encouraging tutors. I have seen my children gain in confidence, achieve better results at school and, above all, enjoy their learning because of TLC LIVE.”

Teacher reviews of our online tuition service

“The service and communication are excellent and the flexibility to tailor the content to your pupils’ needs is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending TLC to any secondary school looking for high quality intervention strategies.”

“Birchwood High School has worked with TLC for seven years and we have nothing but praise for the quality of tuition and the personal customer service. Whether face-to-face or online our students continue to thrive with the dedicated attention of excellent tutors. Highly recommended for quality intervention.”

How online secondary school science tuition with TLC works

Step 1

Tutoring with TLC LIVE starts with comprehensive assessment that is designed to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses so the tutor can make the most of the time available.

Step 2

The tutor then creates a personalised learning plan to address the areas most in need of support. Our tutors have access to over 35,000+ hours of material, and they are free to use their own resources too.

Online Secondary School Science Tuition

Step 3

The secondary school science tuition is delivered in 60-minute sessions. Students can log in from any internet-connected computer.

Step 4

After the session is over, the tutor logs the student’s progress and performance so that parents or schools can track their improvement over time.

A KS3/KS4 maths student working at their laptop.

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What do our tutors say about our science curricula?

“The material for secondary school science tuition is clear and easy to use. I enjoy helping students to overcome the challenges they face, and it’s always great to see the moment where it all clicks.”


“I think that TLC’s library of material is outstanding. It’s varied, interesting and easy to access for the students. Once I get to know a student’s specific needs, I can adjust the lesson plans to focus on the specific areas where they’re struggling.”


Test yourself – questions from our secondary school science tuition content

Symbol equations contain the formula for each of the compounds or substances that are taking part in a ______.

A group of animals with the same characteristics are called a _____.

The magnetic metals are iron, nickel and ______.

Unbalanced forces will change the speed of a car or the _____it travels.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, they will! All our online secondary school science tuition is conducted in real time with a live tutor that the student can hear and speak to.

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Sessions last for 60 minutes.

Lessons can be scheduled to suit the student’s needs. TLC LIVE also runs lots of lessons over holidays as targeted revision or catch-up sessions.

Yes! This is the whole point of TLC LIVE. The tutor will identify the student’s learning needs and skill gaps and build an individual learning plan around these requirements.

No. TLC LIVE lessons are structured to maximise learning and address gaps in the student’s knowledge within the session.

Yes, every student is given their own individual learning plan. After the initial assessment, we put a plan together that deals with the skill gaps identified. The plan will be adjusted as other areas of required academic focus come to light.

We have our own bespoke educational content that we update on a daily basis.

Tutors work with students in real time, guiding them through new skills and reviewing things the students may have forgotten. At the end of every session, tutors provide information on the student’s performance and progress. Parents can access this by logging into the TLC LIVE website and reviewing this feedback, watching as their child develops understanding, and eventually mastery, of the topics they are studying.

All of our UK-based tutors are fully qualified to teach and have classroom teaching experience. We ensure all tutors have Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) and are PGCE qualified with an accompanying bachelor’s degree. Each of our tutors also holds a DBS.

All lessons can be cancelled or rearranged with 36 hours’ notice. This gives you the freedom to use TLC LIVE as and when you need it, whether for one-off revision sessions or regular lessons.

Yes, you can cancel and reschedule a session provided that you give us 36 hours’ notice. Whether this is to change a student’s timetable permanently or simply for a one-off lesson, we can support you to ensure the lessons are running at a time that best suits your child’s needs.

For further questions on our secondary school science tuition or any other services we offer, check out our full FAQ page or contact us.

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