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If you need help with science, our online science tutors are the answer. Each of our tutors is a qualified, DBS-checked teacher who is eager to help students gain a better understanding of science. We are also proud to be a government approved National Tuition Programme partner. Every week we teach science to children across the UK and have proven methods for making progress.

Our fully qualified science tutors provide individual attention and targeted help, and students move through the programme at their own pace.

Fully qualified
science tutors

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We start with a comprehensive assessment that identifies where the student needs help with science. We use the results of this assessment to put together a personal learning plan for each student.

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Every student will have their own unique programme covering the areas that they need help with. We can help students in
all Key Stages up to GCSE with Biology, Physics and Chemistry. 

Tuition at all levels from KS1 to GCSE

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Students will be given regular assessments to measure progress and to identify any new skill gaps and their programme will be adapted to reflect the results of their ongoing assessments.

Regular ongoing

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Online science lessons

Science is a subject in which a good teacher can make all the difference. If you’re unlucky, a teacher can make it a dry, unengaging subject, but the right tutor can really breathe life into biology, put a spin on physics or spark an interest in chemistry! At TLC LIVE, our passionate online science tutors engage students in the subject and adapt the sessions to suit the student’s aptitude and progress.
We’ve developed a huge number of resources for each of the three fields of science that children study throughout school. Our online science tutors have access to more than 20,000 hours of bespoke educational content which they can use to meet the student’s needs – a far cry from some online tutoring firms who inflexibly offer the same PowerPoint to every student. Thanks to the modular nature of our courses, our online tutors can also concentrate on their students’ weaker areas of study without rigidly going through topics that they already know.

Expert online science tutors

Science covers a whole host of different disciplines, especially in the early years of learning before it splits into chemistry, biology and physics, so it’s important that all receive adequate attention so that pupils get to grips with each of them. With the strong foundations that our online science lessons provide, pupils have the tools they need to understand the world around them. 
Whether you want your child to excel or maybe feel that they are slipping behind, TLC LIVE have a series of courses that will be right for them – including expert online English tutoring and online maths tutoring. Our diligent online science tutors will adapt a work plan to meet every student’s needs, whether they require confidence building, need to brush up on something they are currently covering, or revise topics from the past that they feel uncertain about. Our tutors also set regular assessments for students, ensuring that they can adapt the pupil’s work plan to their strengths and weaknesses.

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