Report says students rushed through maths curriculum

13th December 2012

Report says students rushed through maths curriculumThe Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (Acme) has announced that England is “significantly underachieving” when it comes to producing highly skilled mathematicians, with much of the cause of this being put down to rushing able students through the curriculum.

Unlike the attentive and personal teaching that comes from hiring an online maths tutor, a number of pupils are pushed through the curriculum after displaying adeptness at maths as schools come under pressure, which leaves pupils with a “superficial” understanding of the subject.

Although England places in the global top 10 for primary and secondary level maths, this report by Acme drew upon separate statistics which looked at the performance of 15-year-old students. At this age, it is particularly important to develop a good foundation of maths skills, either for use in adult life or as an essential starting point for A-level study. Reform to teaching practices or the curriculum could see greater focus put on the application of maths, but online personal tutoring is another worthwhile option to consider.


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