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TLC LIVE's state-of-the art virtual classroom is easy to use for students of all abilities. We provide a help guide on setting up and troubleshooting so that you can check everything works before the first tutoring session. TLC LIVE lessons are quick and easy to set up with as little as 12 hours’ notice, allowing you to provide specific and targeted support when you need it.

1. Contact 


Contact one of our experienced advisors

email: or phone: 01279 657 193

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2. Easy Access

All the student needs to access the TLC LIVE programme is:

Computer latop

A desktop/laptop computer with a broadband connection

Computer latop

A headset with microphone attached

Computer latop

And the user name and password we provide


3. Secure Login

What the student will be able to access from their TLC LIVE account:

Computer latop

Lessons, past and present  

Computer latop

Future lessons detailed

Computer latop

Feedback reports 


4. Lessons Begin

What you can expect from TLC LIVE lessons:

The first lesson will start with a TLC LIVE assessment that provides our experiences tutors with a comprehensive look at each student.

Initial comprehensive


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We use the assessment results to create an individual learning plan, designed to address the student's individual needs.
This plan will focus on the skill gaps identified to ensure your student succeeds.  

Individual tailored learning plan

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Our qualified teachers put the plan into practice and help your students achieve confidence and ability

Putting the plan into practice

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You will have access to feedback after every lesson details on how your students engaged in each session, what they learnt and where they need further help.

Feedback provided for every lesson

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