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Science is a subject in which a good teacher can make all the difference. If you’re unlucky, a teacher can make it a dry, unengaging subject, but the right tutor can really breathe life into biology, put a spin on physics or spark off an interest in chemistry!

At TLC LIVE, not only are our science tutors carefully trained to inspire students, pulling them into the subject, but we also look at their progress and carefully adjust the content of each student’s course as they learn more.


With a huge number of resources for each of the three fields of science that children study throughout school, any student will find that there is a wealth of information available to them through TLC LIVE. Thanks to the modular nature of our courses, they will also be able to concentrate on their weaker areas of study without needing to go through topics that they already know, wasting valuable time that could be spent improving in other areas.


However, covering old ground is also an important part of learning, ensuring that students have taken in all the relevant information and are able to recall it when necessary or demonstrate that they have a thorough understanding of the topic. That’s why our science tutors set regular assessments for students, ensuring that they have a finger on the pulse and can adapt the pupil’s work plan to their needs.

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Science covers a whole host of different disciplines, especially in the early years of learning where it hasn’t been split into chemistry, biology and physics, so it’s important that all receive adequate coverage and that a pupil gets to grips with each of them.


A good grasp in school could well lead to an interest during higher and further education, opening up a number of career prospects for those who are diligent in their studies.


Even if a child doesn’t display an interest in pursuing science past school, having the fundamentals in place is essential for many situations throughout life. This is particularly true nowadays as the take-up of science degrees in universities continues to drop and many industry professionals and academics are calling for more students to pursue a career in one of the sciences.


Whether you want your child to excel or feel that they are slipping behind, TLC LIVE have a series of courses that will be right for him or her. Our maths tutors, English tutors and science tutors are all able to adapt a work plan to meet any student’s needs, and we give them the resources to help fulfill every child’s potential.

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