Silly Exam Answers

2nd June 2016

Whilst wracking my brain for more blogs to join the ever-growing backlog on my work computer, I came across, as I often do, a sudden burst of inspiration in the shape of an image of a child’s messy scrawl over an exam paper.

Here is what it read…

Exam Question image 1

At the same time as I was snorting with laughter, it struck me that, really, I had well and truly missed my opportunity to make my teachers laugh in school by religiously answering exam questions with the kind of seriousness only a true geek is capable of.

So I decided to make myself, and hopefully some of you, laugh, by finding the ultimate silly answer to an exam question, an authentic one, that is…

There were tough decisions to be made, but I did manage to narrow it down to a few absolute gems…

Firstly, a thought provoking insight into a teenager’s brain:

Exam Question image 2


Secondly, who knew children’s humour was so dry:


Exam Question image 3

Ask me the obvious, why don’t you!

Exam Question image 4

Anyone spot the Elephant in the room?

Exam Question image 5

Expanding horizons…

Exam Question image 6

The Beyonce Knowles all…

Exam Question image 7

Giraffe mafia…

Exam Question image 8

And, last but definitely not least….Dinosaurs really did miss the boat!

Exam Question image 9

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!


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