Summer Born Children

14th July 2015

How disadvantaged are our summer born children? A recent report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies suggests that there is a significant gap between September born and August born pupils:

‘More than 60% of September-born pupils achieve five A* to C grades, compared with less than 54% of those born in August’

Of course you no longer have to enrol your children into school until they are five years old, although it has been reported that local councils and schools are not overly accommodating as they could be and you could end up without a school place if you delay enrolment.

Some believe that Summer-born pupils ‘should have exam scores boosted’ but where exactly should the cut-off be and isn’t there always an element of ‘life isn’t fair?’

As a parent of a daughter born in August, I would say that she struggled when she started school but it all evened out in the end.

To those facing this dilemma at the moment I say – do the best job you can, focus on the positives and remember that you can always give your children a boost with some extra tuition in the summer holidays!

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