Howard Lay, Executive Principal, Samuel Ward Academy Trust

TLC has changed our lives. Both mine and my son’s. School was dreaded: Parents’ evenings a list of things he hadn’t achieved and homework a battle. The TLC team have shown Finn a world where learning is fun and where he’s given the time he needed to ‘grasp the nettle’. He loves his sessions and already his test results have gone up a whole level.

Leigh McCulloch – Parent

I am pleased to inform you that Richa achieved an A* in English, Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Thanks to the entire team at TCL Live.

Dr Rajan Paul – Parent

Having had three children attending TLC LIVE over the last couple of years, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Not only does it provide a fun and interactive programme tailored to meet students’ individual needs, it also gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace with the support of excellent and very encouraging tutors. I have seen my children gain in confidence, achieve better results at school and above all enjoy their learning as a result of TLC LIVE.

Pat Njagi – Parent

My daughter was in Year 5 and needed some help with maths, her weaker subject and enrichment with English. TLC enhanced her confidence and made the learning fun. Last May, she achieved outstanding results in SATS and now at Secondary school she continues to grow from strength to strength.

My son is in Year 10 and is working with TLC to help him prepare for his GCSE Maths, being taken a year early. Both of my children continue to attend TLC LIVE because the tutoring is tailored to suit their individual educational needs but most importantly, they enjoy it.

Fiona Whitby – Parent

I just thought I’d let you know that Sophie got an A grade in her GCSE maths. We are so pleased and proud of all the hard work she put in, and wanted to thank you and your staff for the help and confidence you gave her to help her achieve this.’

Laura Drage – Parent

TLC have been a fantastic organisation to work with. They took the time to understand our needs, worked with us on a SATs programme and then delivered it seamlessly and at extremely high-quality. The students loved it and really engaged. As one said, “I didn’t used to like maths and now it is my favourite subject.” Working with our teachers TLC delivered continual monitoring and feedback. The staff were impressed, and the students attained fantastic SATs results. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with TLC, who are definitely becoming part of our team.

Alex Prior- Principal, Etonbury Academy, Arlesey

I must admit that I have been sceptical of the value and impact of on-line tuition until my association with TLC Live. The pupils have engaged, enjoyed and showed tangible progress since we started using the programme in Years 10 and 11. The service and communication is excellent and the flexibility to tailor the content to your pupils’ needs is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending TLC to any secondary school looking for high quality intervention strategies.

Peter Gibbon – Assistant Head, Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford

The Folkestone School for Girls used online tutorials with TLC Live for a number of our Pupil Premium students last year. The set up was flexible allowing students to access further help in Maths and/or English either from school or at home – whenever AND WHEREVER it suited students best. There was initial guidance from our own teachers as to areas of weakness and target grade information – so that lessons could be personalised to the needs of the students. We had students working to attain C grades but equally other students were working towards A grades. Students concerned found the tutorials very helpful in addressing areas they struggled with. Whilst we as a school also worked with individuals through targeted support and revision, this was a complementary strand to our work to raise grades further. Whilst the impact of individual strategies can be hard to assess, as part of a raft of measures, results were impressive. 100% A* – C Grades in Maths and English and feedback from students was that the sessions were helpful. The proof of this is in the fact that when asked if they wanted us to extend their programme of tutorials the students WAS A RESOUNDING YES!

Mark Lester – Vice Principal, Folkestone School for Girls, Folkestone

I actually ENJOY revision this way, that’s a first! I know this will help me get better grades, thank you TLC LIVE

Student, Northampton School for Boys