Mark Lester – Vice Principal, Folkestone School for Girls, Folkestone

23rd February 2016

The Folkestone School for Girls used online tutorials with TLC Live for a number of our Pupil Premium students last year. The set up was flexible allowing students to access further help in Maths and/or English either from school or at home – whenever AND WHEREVER it suited students best. There was initial guidance from our own teachers as to areas of weakness and target grade information – so that lessons could be personalised to the needs of the students. We had students working to attain C grades but equally other students were working towards A grades. Students concerned found the tutorials very helpful in addressing areas they struggled with. Whilst we as a school also worked with individuals through targeted support and revision, this was a complementary strand to our work to raise grades further. Whilst the impact of individual strategies can be hard to assess, as part of a raft of measures, results were impressive. 100% A* – C Grades in Maths and English and feedback from students was that the sessions were helpful. The proof of this is in the fact that when asked if they wanted us to extend their programme of tutorials the students WAS A RESOUNDING YES!

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