If you need help with EAL, an online tutor may be the answer.

Our tutors are fully qualified and have been trained to tutor online.

Online tutoring is a proven, flexible and affordable way to improve your knowledge of confidence in your conversational English..

We start with a comprehensive assessment which identifies the student’s level. Students work in small groups of 4 so they are able to practise their conversational skills. Their teacher talks them through the activities, based on a grammar point, and includes reading, writing, comprehension, speaking and listening activities.
TLC offers lessons on Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels and Upper-intermediate levels.

Prices: Lessons cost just £36 per hour

Speaking activities:

EFL speaking Activities

Reading activities:

EAL Reading Activities

EAL Listening Activities

Listening activities:

Students listen to an audio and answer questions.

Writing activities:

Grammar activities:

EAL Grammar Activities

Lesson format:

EFL Lesson Format
Lessons will sometimes be organised around pair work, group work, discussions and working on your own, but whatever form it takes our qualified tutor is always there to guide and advise you and to build your knowledge and confidence not only in listening and speaking but in reading and writing as well.

You will be given regular assessments to measure progress and to identify any new skill gaps and your programme will be adapted to reflect the results of your on-going assessments.