If you need help with English, a TLC LIVE, online tutor may be the answer.

Our tutors are fully qualified and have been trained to tutor online. Online tutoring is a proven, flexible and affordable way to improve grades and boost confidence.

We start with a comprehensive assessment that identifies where the student needs support. We use the results of this assessment to put together a personal learning plan and our fully qualified tutors provide the individual attention and targeted help needed. Students move through the programme at their own pace without the pressure of keeping up with the class, nor the frustration of being held back by less able classmates.

Prices: Lessons cost just £36 per hour

We offer English tuition at all levels from KS1 up to GCSE and can help with all aspects of English including:



The general aim of most parents is to encourage students to enjoy reading by themselves, since once you spark an interest in reading and they read for pleasure the battle is half won. More specific objectives may include work on

  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension skills



We teach students a range of writing skills depending on their needs with specific objectives including

  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Writing structure and style
  • Sentence construction

Your child will be given regular assessments to measure progress and to identify any new skill gaps and your programme will be adapted to reflect the results of the ongoing assessments.

We also offer specific help for GCSE Exam Preparation – click here for more details.

At TLC, we believe that every child should be given the chance to make the most of their abilities. Our English, maths and science tutors understand that one-to-one lessons are often the best environment for a student to truly get to grips with any aspect of the subject.

Our English tutors share the belief that dedicated, sensitive and intelligent teaching is particularly important. English differs from the curriculum’s two other principle subjects, maths and science, in that there is often not a definitive ‘right or wrong’ answer. There are some areas of the topic, such as structure and style, which can be open to interpretation and rely on gaining a fundamental understanding of the basics of reading and writing.



With TLC, help is at hand. Our personal tutors, are experts at teaching pupils everything they need to know about English in order for them to pass their exams and, more importantly, to leave with a clear understanding of things like comprehension and sentence construction after they have left school.

Hiring an online English tutor may not have been something you have considered before, but there are tangible benefits which come with trying this unique way of teaching. The most obvious of these is convenience; you may be concerned about the possibility of your child not reaching their full potential at school, but also be worried about not having the time to give them the personal attention that they need. Opting to go through TLC LIVE will allow you to draw on the extensive knowledge of our teachers and the 11,500 hours worth of bespoke educational content they have access to without needing to take any time out of your busy schedule to travel to and from private classes.

Every student has different needs; if you have been searching all over for an English, science or maths tutor who can offer the best in terms of high quality teaching and value for money, look no further than TLC LIVE. Why not try our quick and simple online assessment and book a free trial for your child today?