What Makes us Different

Many companies offer online tutoring, but we believe TLC has the most effective method of online tutoring currently available. Here’s why:


We only use fully qualified UK based tutors

Unlike some other online tutoring companies we only use fully qualified, UK-based teachers, not graduates or students who may know the subject well but haven’t been trained to teach. We believe that only qualified and experienced teachers can unlock a child’s true potential.


We have developed our own unique content

We have developed our own bespoke educational content over the last 6 years and have over 11,500 hours of content and it has been successfully used in schools and on thousands of students. All content matches the national curriculum and includes videos and hint sheets.


An individual programme for each individual child’s needs

Successful learning requires a focus on the individual and their learning needs. That’s why every student using TLC LIVE works on their own individual learning programme, they are not held back by the class nor are they put under pressure to keep up. Students are assessed in the first session and then throughout the course to identify areas of need and to monitor their progress.


Our lessons are held in real-time

There is only so much that can be achieved through downloadable worksheets and videos, here at TLC LIVE we believe the human element of tuition is of most use to the student. Our tutors understand why the child is finding something difficult, they are able to motivate and inspire them to learn, boosting their confidence through the immediate feedback and praise they give during the live lesson.


Building confidence

Lessons are delivered in a positive, upbeat and non-judgemental way by caring teachers who want to make a difference. Mastering a skill that has previously proved difficult helps a child feel good about themselves and really boosts their confidence.