Why Online?

Online tutoring is convenient and allows families with busy schedules to provide the tutoring support their children need, without the stress of rushing to a class or the inconvenience of having a private tutor come to your home.

However online tutoring offers many other benefits. Parents choose TLC LIVE because it is:



Many research studies have shown that online learning can be more effective than face to face learning with students feeling more empowered with their learning.


Interactive and enjoyable

TLC LIVE engages the students in learning and puts them in control of their learning environment, it is less threatening than having a teacher hovering over you as you work.



You can learn from anywhere with an internet connection at any time of day or evening. Online tutoring can fit around your busy family schedule.



Our tutors complete a new enhanced DBS check, and have to provide verification of identity, references, qualifications and experience before they can start tutoring. In addition our software ensures students will only ever be connected to the tutor they have been scheduled with.



With lessons costing just £36 per hour, it is an affordable option with no extra costs – such as travelling or materials.  There is no minimum booking or contract, you simply book the number of lessons you want, for however long you want.