TLC LIVE has a great track record of helping students achieve their aims (and full potential) in GCSEs.

Whether you are aiming for an A* or wanting to achieve that all important ‘C’ grade to secure a place at college, we can help.

With over 11,500 hours of bespoke education content, much of which has been written by our own GCSE examiners, our course is completely up to date and relevant. This, along with our qualified tutors, enables you to be challenged and supported all the way through to your exams.


Just logging in once or twice a week from the comfort of your own home and connecting with your tutors enables you to focus on those areas on which you need help.

Just one or two lessons per week enables some extra focus on exam preparation which in turn will enable the student to build your confidence.

Whether you need help in English, maths or science we have the tutors to answer those tricky questions, talk you through the awkward formulas and to build your confidence in all of these subjects.