Are you looking to raise attainment in maths? Online tuition with TLC LIVE could be the answer.

Using fully qualified maths teachers, we start with a comprehensive assessment that identifies where the student needs help with maths. We use the results of this assessment to put together a personal learning plan for each student. Our fully qualified tutors provide individual attention and targeted help, and students move through the programme at their own pace.


We offer maths tuition at all levels from KS1 up to GCSE and are typically asked to help with topics such as:

  • KS1 – Place Value, partitioning
  • KS2 – Fractions, decimals
  • KS3 – Algebra, data handling
  • KS4 – Simultaneous equations, surds

You will be given regular assessments to measure progress and to identify any new skill gaps and your programme will be adapted to reflect the results of your ongoing assessments.

TLC maths, science and English tutors all take the time to find out exactly where students are in their studies, meaning that they can help out at any time. A pupil needn’t be at the start of a course to benefit from tuition, as our maths tutors are familiar with all aspects of the subject. If there are certain areas of mathematics that your child is struggling with, then they can focus on these during their time with a tutor. Alternatively, our maths tutors can act as a great back-up to a student’s time in school, offering the time and attention needed to ensure your child reaches his or her full potential.

Because maths can be a difficult subject for some children, our tutors understand that patience is needed, and even though a child might find multiplication or probability easy, there could be other areas with which they struggle. Whether this is algebra, trigonometry, statistics or any other field, the careful, patient approach used by our online maths tutors is the best way to get results.



Of course, some pupils won’t struggle with maths but aren’t getting the resources they need to excel.

If this is the case, then TLC LIVE is a great solution.

By connecting over the internet with a tutor, your students will have access to not only the additional time and attention that they need to thrive, but also all of the resources that our system provides.

The regular assessments are the icing on the cake. By measuring your child’s progress, we can continue to identify their needs and constantly feed back into the learning process, adapting the subjects they cover and spending more or less time on each as is necessary. It’s this level of detail, as well as the convenience of having a maths tutor,  English tutor or a science tutor available in your home, that makes TLC LIVE such a great choice.