SATs Prep

TLC LIVE has a great track record of helping students and schools achieve their full potential in their SATs.

Key Stage 2 SATs are an important stage in the students education, as it is that time when they are gearing up for the move to the next school.

A good SATs result gives the student a boost in confidence to approach the new school, knowing that they now have the skills and knowledge to make the best of this new start.

Our 11,500+ hours of bespoke education content, written by our own specialist teachers, is completely up to date and relevant.

This, along with our qualified tutors, enables the students to be challenged and supported all the way through the courses up to the exams.

Just one or two lessons per week, connecting with our tutors, enables the student to focus on the areas on which they need help. This in turn will enable the pupils to build confidence in tackling those questions they previously struggled with and allow them to feel ready for their SATs.