Young Inventors

25th July 2014

It is sometimes hard for older people to take young people seriously, but here is a list of 10 children, teenagers and young adults who have made some remarkable innovations.

  1. Margaret Knight

When she was 12 years old, she designed a safety devise to turn off the large looms used in textile mills when something malfunctioned. Her improvement was widely adopted. Click here to read more.

  1. Frank Epperson

In 1905, 11 year-old Frank Epperson from San Francisco, California invented the Popsicle, or ice lolly as we know it in the UK. Click here to read more.

  1. John J. Stone-Parker

John J. Stone-Parker was 4 years old when he came up with the idea of creating a star-shaped device that would prevent ice cubes from slipping out of glasses. He is the youngest inventor to have patented an object.

  1. Louis Braille

Louis lost his sight at a young age. By 1824, when he was 15 years old, he had invented braille. It wasn’t until two years after his death that his code became the official communications system for the blind in France. Click here to read more.

  1. Tim Whitehead

Tim Whitehead was 22 when he invented a bottle that sterilises a litre of water in just two minutes using a filter and a wind-up ultra-violet lamp, killing 99.9% of bacteria. Click here to read more.

  1. Sam Houghton

Samuel Houghton was only 3 years old when he invented the “Improved Broom” which combines two ordinary brooms of different-sized bristles and brush-heads to enable different-sized dirt to be swept up in one sweep. Click here to read more.

  1. Jake Tyker

Jake was 22 when he invented the world’s first cardboard vacuum cleaner from the packaging of another model. Vax, the cleaning company, have plans to put the design into production. Click here to read more.

  1. Philo Famsworth

In 1927, aged 21, Philo Farnsworth was the first to transmit a television image which was a dollar sign and was comprised of 60 horizontal lines. Click here to read more.

  1. Ann Makosinski

Ann was 15 years old when she invented a flashlight that only needs the heat given off by human hands to work. Click here to read more.

10. Blaise Pascall

In 1642, when Blaise was 18, he invented a kind of mechanical calculator called the “Pascaline”, examples of which survive today. Click here to read more.

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