Year 10 maths questions

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Here is a set of ten Year 10 maths questions as an example of our online maths tuition content. These GCSE maths questions are a great way to test students’ knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

Ten sample Year 10 maths questions

1. Evaluate: (-2)²

2. (Do not use a calculator) Find the factors of p² + 8p

3. (Do not use a calculator) Solve: 3.69 ÷ 3.6

4. (Do not use a calculator) Find the answer to the following: 2.3 x 0.002

5. (Do not use a calculator) Write this number using standard form 0.00451

6. The area of the square ABCD, seen below, is 18cm². Using this information, find the missing number from the equations below: x² + 8x = __

a diagram of a square for our page of Year 10 maths problems. Sides AB and AC are split into lengths of 4cm and Xcm.

7. Find b – 2a as a column vector.

8. A bag of 8 balls contains 5 red and 3 blue balls. Find the probability of selecting 2 blue balls at random. The balls are not replaced.

9. (You may use a calculator for this question) Sam is making 180 biscuits. He bakes four different types of biscuits: chocolate, lemon and orange and vanilla. 35% of these biscuits are chocolate. 5/12 of these biscuits are lemon. The ratio of the number of orange biscuits to the number of vanilla biscuits is 3:4. How many chocolate biscuits does Sam bake?

10. (You may use a calculator) Find the surface area of this solid cylinder.

a diagram of our cylinder for our page of Year 10 maths problems. The cylinder is 7cm tall and has a radius of 6cm.

Answers to the year 10 maths questions

1. 4
2. P(p+8)
3. 1.025
4. 0.0046
5. 4.51×10-3
6. x²+8x = 2
7. (⁻¹²⁄₁₁)
8. 3/28
9. 63
10. 490.1cm²

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Written by Ryan Lockett, director of studies at TLC LIVE.