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Best-in-class lesson planning

Effective student lesson planning is absolutely essential to ensure the best learning outcomes.

Unfortunately Ofsted has found tutoring is often haphazard and poorly planned and the curriculum rarely aligns with tutoring sessions.

We built our tutoring for schools service to counter this. From the outset we made sure we spoke to our students’ teachers to ensure we were providing tailored support, focussing on the weakest areas.

We’ve worked with over half of England’s local education authorities including…

When planning tutoring, we work with schools to consider:

  • Time and day of session
  • Whether the session will take place onsite or from home
  • The supervisor, who sits in to ensure students are comfortable and focused
  • The subject and subtopics
  • Grouping – 3:1 is typical (i.e. three students working with one of our teachers) and we encourage this as each student can have completely different ability levels. However, other arrangements are possible and we can accommodate 6:1, although careful student ability level planning is then required)
  • Attendance monitoring, including live tracking, daily emails, and access to records stored on our portal – we flag attendance levels if an issue arises
  • Parental liaison

From there, schools can either provide areas/topics for students to cover or alternatively students can do our assessment to identify learning gaps.

Our single student assessments for core subjects are adaptive – they identify a level of working and skill gaps to target.

For a tuition group, the level is set and we simply identify the skill gaps, giving our tutors common areas to focus on. The tutors then select which skill gaps to target.

To deliver the best possible online tuition, we tailor our lesson plans to meet the needs of the student. A typical English lesson plan for a single student at Key Stage 3 for example could involve:

  • Noun phrases (grammar)
  • Choose the most effective word (vocabulary)
  • Literary devices – metaphors
  • Literary devices- similes
  • Literary devices – using similes and metaphors in sentences

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Teacher reviews of our planning services

“The platform is easy to use and detailed feedback is provided whenever requested. The flexibility whereby tutors will deliver more bespoke tuition is a real bonus and strong communication has been valued throughout our experience.”

Tim Eden, Assistant Headteacher, Bridgewater High School, Cheshire

“The TLC model assesses progression of pupils over the course of the tutoring sessions but also within each hour-long session and we receive a detailed feedback report for every child which is great for assessing impact.”

Joanne Nagel, Assistant Headteacher, St John and St James Primary School, Hackney

“Working with our teachers TLC delivered continual monitoring and feedback. The staff were impressed, and the students attained fantastic SATs results. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with TLC, who are definitely becoming part of our team.”

Alex Prior, Etonbury Academy, Arlesey