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Unique content

TLC LIVE offers a personalised online tutoring service, delivering over 35,000+ hours of targeted content covering English, maths, science, humanities and EAL from KS2 up to GCSE.

We provide one-on-one tutoring anytime and anywhere ensuring individualised attention and maximising learning potentials. Our tutors work with students to create pathways into further education and careers.


Quality of provision is essential when local authorities, schools and parents are considering tuition. Our qualified teachers have enhanced DBS checks, undergo safeguarding training and are supported by the Designated Safeguard Lead at head office.

All TLC LIVE lessons are recorded for training and monitoring which not only means our teachers are observed on a regular basis to make sure the lessons are of a standard we expect, but also to provide clarity and protection in the event of a safeguarding concern or disclosure.

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A student practicing maths homework.

Flexible support

With no minimum booking we believe we offer our customers flexibility as we know this may be short term revision or for the build up to exams.

Our high quality teaching is cost effective, helping local authorities, schools, alternative provisions and parents to find that extra professional tuition without the extortionate pricing. We believe that all students can benefit from using TLC LIVE whether this be extra revision, exam preparation or students who require extra support.

A student working on a KS3/KS4 maths lesson.

Building confidence

Our endless amount of resources creates a solution for every student, TLC LIVE lessons give our students a confidence boost when sitting exams and revising – 97% of our students would recommend us to their friends!

We are online tutoring experts who are used, trusted and recommended by schools across the UK.