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Tuition delivered by fully qualified teachers

At TLC LIVE, every one of our tutors is a fully qualified UK-based teacher. We have found that only teachers can offer the level of academic support, familiarity with the curriculum, and soft skills that students deserve. Each tutor has a minimum of one year’s classroom experience.

“One of the main features of effective tuition observed was quality teaching. In line with the evidence from existing research, sessions taught by qualified teachers tended to be of higher quality than those taught by other types of tutors.”Ofsted

As part of our commitment to safeguarding children, our hiring process is also aligned with safer recruitment principles. As part of the recruitment process, staff are required to pass an enhanced DBS and barred list check, prohibition and identity checks, and provide evidence of their right to work in the UK along with good references from employers.

We’ve worked with over half of England’s local education authorities including…

Our rigorous tutor training process

A classroom teacher’s skillset provides an excellent foundation, but we also require additional training to ensure that they are equipped to deliver our different models. Every tutor receives video training and has an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the software in a practice classroom.

To ensure all of our tutors have up to date and relevant training, we require our tutors to complete a pair of courses provided by Educare – one on the Prevent Duty and one on Safeguarding (Level 2). They must also read the government’s latest statutory guidance.

Tutors then lead at least two one-on-one sessions with the curriculum team (which is also composed entirely of qualified UK teachers). When the tutor is ready for their first lesson, they are accompanied by the curriculum team as they deliver their first lesson. Regular observation continues during the six-month probation period.

Internal and external oversight

Reviews continue throughout a teacher’s time with TLC LIVE, as active teaching staff are formally observed at least twice a year. Last academic year, TLC LIVE’s curriculum team observed over 5,500 hours of lessons.

Observations – as well as feedback from both students and staff – are discussed in regular line management meetings. We also run regular refresher training courses for tutors to ensure consistency of delivery and share best practice.

Customers can also raise concerns at any time if they are not confident in one of our tutors. Any concerns will result in offering additional training for the staff member partnered with a more intensive observation schedule.

TLC LIVE is currently an NTP partner and has been since its inception in November 2020. To maintain this relationship, we are also subject to external quality assurance processes. It is currently run by NTP’s quality assurance partner, Tribal.

Support for our teachers

In addition to the bank of teaching resources, our library also includes guides on various processes and procedures related to tutoring for schools. Teachers can also contact the head office to request support.

All tutors are invited to internal continuing professional development (CPD) sessions. These, as well as regular newsletters, provide updates on best practice and policy changes. Our teachers also have access to Educare, a training platform where they can take hundreds of online courses at no charge.

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Are you a qualified UK teacher with more than one year of classroom experience? Join us! Check out our careers page to apply.

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