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One-on-one GCSE tutoring is a great way to ensure that every student goes into the exam room confident and ready to do their best. At TLC LIVE, we only use fully qualified teachers, and every one of them holds a DBS certificate. We have over 13 years of tutoring experience, and have delivered more than 80,000 hours of tuition to students across the UK. Sessions start at £13 per hour and we are a government approved National Tuition Programme partner.

In 2022/23, on average, each of our secondary school pupils made seven months of attainment progress during the academic year, taking an average of 29 lessons.

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Why choose a TLC LIVE GCSE tutor?

Tailored learning plans

Our tutors create a custom plan for each student and draw on a comprehensive library of engaging multimedia resources to create engaging personalised sessions.


Our tutors are experts at preparing students to get the results they want at GCSE. They offer exam-taking advice and know the curriculum inside out.

Driven by data

To track student progress and ensure they’re ready for exam day, our tutors conduct regular assessments. They share the data with teachers so they can coordinate their approach.

Proven attainment increases

For more than 15 years, teachers have chosen TLC LIVE because our approach builds student confidence and delivers demonstrable increases in attainment.

Government-approved NTP partner

TLC LIVE was selected as a partner for the government’s National Tutoring Programme (NTP). Our tutors provide high-quality tuition to disadvantaged students, enabling them to catch up on lost learning.

Flexible and remote

Regardless of where you’re located, our tutors are just a click away. With a simple web interface and no extra software needed, there are no barriers to studying.

Lessons from £13

TLC LIVE is an affordable tuition option and group lessons for schools start from only £13 per pupil per session!

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Teacher reviews of our online GCSE lessons

“I can highly recommend TLC LIVE. Over the years they have been assisting us with our GCSE students and have had a significant impact on raising our students’ achievements. We are also working with them on other year groups with equal success. I look forward to our continued partnership”

Howard Lay – Executive Principal, Samuel Ward Academy, Haverhill

“TLC LIVE has provided an extremely valuable service to students at Bridgewater High School. In light of some of the gaps in learning which have emerged as a result of the pandemic, students have been able to identify and then close gaps in their English and Maths skills.”

Tim Eden, Assistant Headteacher, Bridgewater High School

“The pupils have engaged, enjoyed and showed tangible progress since we started using the programme in Years 10 and 11. I have no hesitation in recommending TLC to any secondary school looking for high quality intervention strategies.”

Peter Gibbon – Assistant Head, Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford

Parent reviews of our online GCSE tuition

Parents rate TLC’s GCSE tutoring 4.46 out of 5 stars

“I am pleased to inform you that Richa achieved an A* in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Thanks to the entire team at TCL Live.”

“I just thought I’d let you know that Sophie got an A grade in her GCSE maths. We are so pleased and proud of all the hard work she put in and wanted to thank you and your staff for the help and confidence you gave her to help her achieve this.”

“Having had three children attending TLC LIVE over the last couple of years, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I have seen my children gain in confidence, achieve better results at school and above all enjoy their learning as a result of TLC LIVE.”

How our online GCSE tuition works

Step 1

Every pupil starts our process with a comprehensive initial assessment designed to quickly identify their skill gaps.

Step 2

Tutors use the results of the assessment to design a personalised learning plan. They have access to TLC LIVE’s library of over 35,000+ hours of material so they can create engaging, informative sessions at every skill level.

Image of child doing primary maths tuition online with TLC LIVE

Step 3

Our online GCSE tuition sessions last for one hour, during which pupils receive their tutor’s full attention and a personalised curriculum. All they need to do is log in from any internet-connected device, and the session can begin.

Step 4

Once the session is over, the tutor makes notes on the pupil’s performance and shares it with their teacher. Regular best-in-class pupil assessments provide data to quantify their progress.

A girl in a pink jumper completing her KS1 and KS2 online tutoring class.

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What do our tutors say?

“Preparing for GCSEs can be stressful, so it’s great to be able to support students – and to help them help themselves. Features like the hints page are ideal for enabling students to work independently and increase their confidence.”


“The library of resources is world-class, and the sequential assessments are a good way to find gaps in the student’s knowledge.”


Example GCSE tuition content

Which of the following contains a metaphor?

  • As smooth as silk.
  • Life is a roller coaster.
  • The paper plane played in the air.
  • The leaves danced in the wind.

The petrochemical industry refines crude oil in a process called ______.

  • Absorption spectrum
  • Decarboxylation
  • Random copolymer
  • Fractional distillation

Which calculation increases 500 by 8%?

  • 500 x 0.8
  • 500 x 1.8
  • 500 x 0.08
  • 500 x 1.08

Answer the following with a digit and a power: 63 x 63

Cold environments (both polar and tundra) are found in ______ ______ areas and mountainous regions of the world.

The population of Elizabethan England in 1558 was approximately ____.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, they will! All our online lessons are held in real time with a live tutor that the student can hear and speak to.

Sessions last for 60 minutes.

Lessons can be scheduled to suit the student’s needs. TLC LIVE also runs lots of lessons over holidays as targeted revision or catch-up sessions.

Yes! This is the whole point of TLC LIVE. The tutor will identify the student’s learning needs and skill gaps and build an individual learning plan around these requirements.

No. TLC LIVE lessons are structured to maximise learning and address gaps in the student’s knowledge within the session.

Yes, every student is given their own individual learning plan. After the initial assessment, we put a plan together that deals with the skill gaps identified. The plan will be adjusted as other areas of required academic focus come to light.

We have our own targeted educational content that we update on a daily basis.

Tutors work with students in real time, guiding them through new skills and reviewing things the students may have forgotten. At the end of every session, tutors provide information on the student’s performance and progress. The school can access this by logging into the TLC LIVE website and reviewing this feedback, watching the student develops understanding, and eventually mastery, of the topics they are studying.

All of our UK-based tutors are fully qualified to teach and have classroom teaching experience. We ensure all tutors have Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) and are PGCE qualified with an accompanying bachelor’s degree. Each of our tutors also holds a DBS.

All lessons can be cancelled or rearranged with 36 hours’ notice. This gives you the freedom to use TLC LIVE as and when you need it, whether for one-off revision sessions or regular lessons.

Yes, you can cancel and reschedule a session provided that you give us 36 hours’ notice. Whether this is to change a student’s timetable permanently or simply for a one-off lesson, we can support you to ensure the lessons are running at a time that best suits the student’s needs.

For further questions, check out our full FAQ page or contact us.

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