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High-quality student assessment 

Every student is unique – they begin their time with TLC LIVE with their own challenges and goals and each one progresses at a different pace. To support each individual student as they progress, we have designed a flexible, structured assessment methodology.

The first assessment takes place before or during the pupil’s first session, and follow-up assessments are held every 10 lessons or as requested. This provides evidence of progress in the student’s performance, and the results are accessible to teachers, schools and parents.

Our data shows that, in core subjects, we have consistently made the equivalent of six months of academic progress after just 15 one-hour sessions.

At every assessment, students also complete an “attitude to learning” survey. This monitors their feelings towards the subject and education more broadly – as students become more confident in their academic skills, they often feel better about school.

To deliver the best possible tutoring for schools, our staff review every assessment and adjust their approach accordingly. They can differentiate the complexity of the material, the learning modes, variety within each session, and the pace of progression to suit the pupil.

In addition to assessment data, we also track a range of other variables, including attendance and lesson timings. Any insights we gain from these data points – such as whether a student gets more from afternoon sessions than morning ones – is communicated to the school.

We’ve worked with over half of England’s local education authorities including…

Teacher reviews of our assessment and collaboration services

“The platform is easy to use and detailed feedback is provided whenever requested. The flexibility whereby tutors will deliver more bespoke tuition is a real bonus and strong communication has been valued throughout our experience.”

Tim Eden, Assistant Headteacher, Bridgewater High School, Cheshire

“The TLC model assesses progression of pupils over the course of the tutoring sessions but also within each hour-long session and we receive a detailed feedback report for every child which is great for assessing impact.”

Joanne Nagel, Assistant Headteacher, St John and St James Primary School, Hackney

“Working with our teachers TLC delivered continual monitoring and feedback. The staff were impressed, and the students attained fantastic SATs results. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with TLC, who are definitely becoming part of our team.”

Alex Prior, Etonbury Academy, Arlesey