Online tutoring for schools

Efficient and effective teacher-school liaison

An ideal tutoring relationship works as an extension of the school. At TLC LIVE, we apply over a decade of experience providing online tutoring for schools to deliver a seamless experience that delivers the best possible results for students and teachers. We are proud to maintain a 97% satisfaction rate amongst our school partners.

We’ve worked with over half of England’s local education authorities including…

Dedicated account managers and collaboration

Every school customer works with a dedicated account manager. Continual, bidirectional communication ensures that the tutoring provided meets the school’s needs. Account managers typically manage topics like attendance trends, ECHP reviews, re-engagement plans, and even ways to improve engagement, such as by tailoring content to match a student’s hobbies and interests.

We collaborate closely and efficiently with schools and councils. Students referred to us can start lessons within 24 hours, minimising their time out of education. TLC LIVE can provide up to 17 hours per week across core subjects, ASDAN short courses and Level 1 and 2 NCFE qualifications.

In-depth data sharing

To complement the targeted support provided by the account manager, school staff can also track tutoring activity and student progress through our secure online portal. This is available to as many staff as required, and it is easy to enter information such as term dates to ensure that lessons are scheduled correctly.

Through the portal, staff can access detailed feedback reports – which show work completed, levels of engagement, written work completed and next steps – and summary reports – which provide an overview of the lessons to date, including areas covered, changes in engagement and pupil feedback. The portal also shows the topics that upcoming sessions will cover.

Assessment data on the portal shows the age that the student is performing at and where they have skill gaps. This is used to track progress and quantify a student’s progress toward the average performance level of their cohort. In just 15 one-hour sessions, we achieve an average of six months of academic progress in core subjects.

The portal also provides live data on attendance, enabling a prompt response. If a student is unexpectedly absent, the parent or carer will be notified by email within five minutes. The attendance team will follow up with a call if the student still has not joined. In the event that a tutor is unavailable, they are automatically replaced by a cover teacher. Schools also receive daily attendance reports.

Logging behavioural issues

In the rare event that behavioural problems occur, our tutors are supported by a member of the curriculum team joining the virtual classroom. A report on the issue is then compiled and handed over to the school, providing a foundation for a discussion regards preventative measures. The head office team will also liaise with parents or carers to help support positive outcomes and help with challenging behaviour.

Each student’s secure profile contains a section for teachers and our tutors to share notes. This enables our tutors to better support the individual needs of the students and adapt their teaching style as required.

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