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TLC LIVE offers convenient, online lessons that connects students directly with fully qualified teachers, each holding a DBS certificate. Our online ESOL tutoring caters to learners starting from no English or with low levels of proficiency, and are expertly structured to develop their fundamental skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This critical skill-building enables students to actively participate and excel in their broader educational pursuits.

In the 13 years we have been operating, we have provided over 38,000 questions for English language tuition to more than 18,000 students. Our tutoring for schools and local authorities starts from £13 per hour and we are a government approved National Tuition Programme partner.

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Why choose TLC LIVE for ESOL tuition?

Fully qualified UK teachers

TLC LIVE only uses fully qualified UK teachers to deliver tutoring, to ensure the best outcomes for students. All teachers have an enhanced DBS.

Targeted learning content

Students complete a comprehensive initial assessment to help design a learning plan around each their specific needs.

13 years of proven results

Tutors draw from tens of thousands of hours of tailored educational content to deliver engaging sessions. At the time of writing, our teachers have tutored 29,541 students and delivered 653,969 sessions.

Approved NTP tuition partner

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) provides high-quality tuition to disadvantaged students. As an approved partner, we run online NTP-funded sessions in real-time with a dedicated tutor.

Tuition at all levels

TLC LIVE’s tutors assist students with varying abilities at all levels – from KS1 up to GCSE.

Absolute beginner (Pre-A1)

Personalised one-to-one tutoring

At TLC LIVE, we provide individualised attention through one-to-one ESOL lessons, ensuring that each student’s distinct education needs are met and their learning objectives are accomplished.

Foundation-building support

Our tutoring approach emphasises the importance of a strong foundational understanding. We offer tailored support to enable students to cement their grasp of English basics before moving on to more complex subjects.

Preparing for group learning

Our tutoring programmes are meticulously crafted to prepare students for the transition to group English lessons at higher levels, equipping them with the confidence and competencies needed to thrive in a communal learning setting.

Immersive English language learning

Our ESOL lessons are designed for immersion, facilitating an enriching environment that encourages quick language acquisition and helps students achieve proficiency in English without the need for translation.

Lessons from £13

TLC LIVE is an affordable tuition option and group lessons for schools start from only £13 per pupil per session!

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Beginner (A1) – Upper-Intermediate (B2)

Small group engagement

Our small group sizes ensure that every student has the opportunity to actively participate and engage during the lesson, creating an intimate and effective learning environment.

Advanced assessment tools

We use sophisticated assessment tools to accurately determine each student’s level and to identify the opportune moment for them to advance, guaranteeing a tailored learning journey.

Regular progress checks

With assessments conducted every ten lessons, we maintain a close watch on student progress, allowing us to finely tune our approach and keep students on a steady path to improvement.

Flexible lesson scheduling

Our learning programmes offer the flexibility of daily or weekly ESOL lessons to accommodate the diverse needs of our students. With a variety of course times available, lessons are accessible throughout the school day and into the evening to suit any schedule.

EAL level terminology comparison 

Functional SkillsPre-Entry LevelEntry Level 1Entry Level 2Entry Level 3Level 1
Common TerminologyAbsolute BeginnerBeginnerElementaryLower-intermediateUpper-intermediate

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