Year 9 maths questions

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Here is a set of ten Year 9 maths questions as an example of our online maths tuition content. These Year 9 maths problems are a great way to test students’ knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

Ten sample Year 9 maths questions

1. Evaluate: y ÷ y = __

2. (Do not use a calculator) Complete the sum: 2/3 ÷ 1/5

3. Alex runs a market stall. He buys a radio for £60 and sells it for £75. What is his percentage profit?

4. This is a distance-time graph of Mary’s journey from her house to the shops and back again. What speed did Mary travel in the first 30 minutes of her journey?

a diagram of a parallelogram for our page of Year 9 maths questions. The graph rises by 1.2 miles in the first hour

5. The ratio of red sweets to black sweets in a bag is: 3:8. There are 24 black sweets. How many red sweets are there?

6. (Do not use a calculator) Complete the sum: 633 ÷ 42.2

7. (You may use a calculator for this question) Find the area of this parallelogram

a diagram of a parallelogram for our page of Year 9 maths questions. The diagonal side is 10.2cm, the base is 9cm, and the height is 8cm.

8. This information is drawn onto a pie chart. Calculate the size of angle representing robins.

a table with columns for birds and frequency for our page of Year 9 maths questions. The chart shows 10 robins, 5 sparrows, 8 blackbirds, 2 thrushes, 14 pigeons, and 1 pheasant. 4

9. (Do not use a calculator) Evaluate: 3.45 x 1.2

10. Expand and Simplify: 2(2y – 4) +(y + 2)

Answers to the year 9 maths questions

1. 1
2. 13/15
3. 25%
4. 1.6 m.p.h
5. 9
6. 15
7. 72cm²
8. 90⁰
9. 4.14
10. 7y-2

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Written by Ryan Lockett, director of studies at TLC LIVE.