At TLC LIVE Online School, our mission is to provide a virtual learning community for students from diverse backgrounds to learn and grow. By using only qualified UK teachers to deliver national curriculum-aligned, high-quality lessons, we provide individualised support, ensuring each student’s academic and personal growth.

Our online school is available for students in years 7 to 11, studying KS3 and KS4 subjects.

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Why use the TLC LIVE Online School?

Qualified teaching

TLC LIVE Online School offers high-quality lessons by qualified, DBS-checked UK teachers, each with at least two years of experience and proven subject expertise.

Aligned with the national curriculum

Our online high school lessons closely follow the national curriculum for KS3 and KS4 for all key subjects, including English, Maths and Science.

Personalised student support

We are devoted to recognising and meeting every student’s unique needs, providing customised support that fosters both their academic progress and personal development.

Empowering online learning

Using innovative online learning platforms, we empower our students to excel academically, building their confidence as they navigate through their educational journey.

A journey of continuous growth

At TLC LIVE Online School, we create an environment that champions continuous learning, encouraging students to leverage digital opportunities, engage with peers, and become well-rounded individuals ready for future success.

Our ethos

At TLC LIVE, our ethos is centred around four core beliefs that underpin everything we do:

1. Potential

We firmly believe that every student possesses unique talents and untapped potential. Regardless of their background or circumstances, we are committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment where each learner can flourish. Our teachers are trained to recognise and harness individual strengths, instilling confidence and self-belief in every student. We celebrate their progress, no matter how small, as we know that every step forward contributes to unlocking their full potential.

2. Achieve

We understand the importance of setting high expectations for our students. We challenge and support them to reach their academic goals, preparing them for future education and career pathways. Our curriculum is designed to be rigorous, engaging, and aligned with academic standards, providing a solid foundation for their ongoing learning journey. Through continuous assessment and feedback, we tailor our teaching methods to ensure that every student is equipped to thrive in their studies.

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3. Support

We recognise that the journey to success can be daunting, and students need a strong support system to excel. At TLC LIVE Online School, we offer a comprehensive range of support services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our learners. Our dedicated team of teachers, mentors, and staff work collaboratively with each student, placing them at the centre of their education plan. We provide individualised attention, addressing learning challenges, and fostering an environment of trust, where students feel valued and empowered.

4. Succeed

Our ultimate goal is to see our students succeed not only academically but also in life. We take a holistic approach to education, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities they may encounter in college, the workforce, and beyond. We focus on developing essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and resilience. By nurturing well-rounded individuals, we ensure they are equipped to navigate a rapidly changing world and make positive contributions to society.

At TLC LIVE Online School, these core beliefs are not just aspirations but the driving force behind our commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of disadvantaged students, students with SEND, and children with care experience. By embracing their potential, challenging them to achieve greatness, providing unwavering support, and preparing them for a successful future, we empower our students to forge their own path of success, transforming their lives and the communities they belong to.

More about TLC LIVE Online School

At TLC LIVE, founded by two passionate teachers in 2004, we’ve always been committed to offering a high-quality, affordable education tailored to meet the unique needs of every student. We understand your concerns as a parent or carer about finding the right educational path for your child, especially in times when traditional schooling might not be the best fit for everyone. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the TLC LIVE Online School, a new branch of the TLC LIVE family that brings our extensive experience in online education right to your home.

Our journey began with a simple mission: to ensure that every child has access to education that not only meets their academic needs but also supports their emotional and social development. We’ve successfully supported a diverse group of students over the years, including those facing challenges such as school refusal, anxiety, and disrupted education. This has equipped us with the insight and understanding to create an online school that truly puts your child’s needs first.

Our online high school is designed to provide a comprehensive, engaging learning experience that’s both flexible and supportive. We know that each child’s learning journey is unique, and our personalised approach aims to empower your child to achieve their fullest potential. Our curriculum covers the core requirements while fostering a love for learning, ensuring your child is prepared for the future.