Algebra GCSE questions

Algebra is one of the most dreaded GCSE maths topics but, with proper preparation, any student can ace these questions in the exam. For further assistance, our professional GCSE maths tuition helps students build confidence and get the results they deserve.

Our tutors draw from an extensive library of bespoke teaching resources, including video explainers, graphics and banks of exam-style questions. Here is a set of nine fraction and shape-based algebra GCSE questions from our library.

9 sample algebra GCSE questions

1. Find 𝑥: 𝑥/3 = 4


2. Simplify this fraction: (3𝑥 +12)/(2𝑥+8)


3. Express the following as a single fraction:

An algebra GCSE question asking for a single fraction from ((y-1)/3)+((y+2)/4)

4. Express the following as a single fraction:
An algebra GCSE question asking for a single fraction from ((2x+5)/4)-(2(x-3)/2)

5. Solve:

An algebra GCSE question asking for a solution to (2/x-1)=(3/2x+4)


6. Write an expression for the area of this trapezium:

a trapezium where the height is x+4, the base is 4x+6, and the top is 8


7. If a rectangle has sides of 𝑥+6 and 𝑥+2, what is its perimeter?


8. If a rectangle’s perimeter is 20 and its sides are 𝑥+4 and 𝑥+2, what is 𝑥?


9. What is 𝑥 when this shape’s area is 142cm2?

A diagram for an algebra GCSE question showing a right-angled shape with parallel horizontal sides (in cm) of 14, x, and blank, and vertical sides of 9, 4, and blank.




Answers to our sample algebra GCSE questions

1. 𝑥=12
2. 3/2 or 1 ½
3. 7y+2/12 or (7y+2)/12
4. (-2x+17)/4 or (17-2x)/4
5. 𝑥=-11
6. 2x²+15x+28
7. 4x+16 or 16+4x
8. 𝑥=2cm
9. 𝑥=10cm


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Written by Ryan Lockett, director of studies at TLC.

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