Algebra GCSE questions: algebraic expressions

Algebraic expressions can be daunting, but practice makes perfect! If you want additional support so you can do your best on exam day, consider online tutoring. Our professional GCSE maths tuition helps students build their confidence and get the best possible exam results.

TLC LIVE tutors have access to a huge library of in-depth teaching resources. There are video explainers, graphics, and plenty of exam-style questions. Here are nine of our algebra GCSE questions about expressions.

Nine sample GCSE algebraic expression questions

1. If π‘₯ = -2, find the value of π‘₯Β²

2. If π‘₯ = -2, find the value of 3π‘₯Β²

3. If π‘₯ = 3, find the value of 3π‘₯Β²

4. If w = -2, find the value of: 3w

5. Expand and simplify: -2(-p + 2) – 2(p + 2)

6. Expand and simplify: -4(-p + 2) – 3(p + 2)

7. Expand and simplify: -4(-4y + 3) – 2(-y + 3)

8. If s = r/t, find s when r = 24 and t = 3

9. If y = mπ‘₯ + c, find y when m = -2, π‘₯ = 4 and c = 7

Answers to our sample algebra GCSE questions

1. 4

2. 12

3. 27

4. -6

5. 23π‘₯-11

6. p-14

7. 18y-18

8. 8

9. -1

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Written by Ryan Lockett, director of studies at TLC LIVE.