Beyond the NTP: A new approach to closing the education gap

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As of September, the National Tutoring Programme will cease to exist, leaving many schools and educators contemplating the best way to continue supporting students in closing the education gap. While the NTP served as a valuable resource during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become evident that relying solely on this program may not be a sustainable solution in the long term.

Over the years, the NTP encountered various limitations that hindered its effectiveness, including. inefficient resource allocation and a lack of customisation to meet the diverse needs of individual students. Additionally, its short-term nature highlighted the need for a more adaptable and lasting solution. Many schools also found the program’s rigid structure and group tutoring sessions prescribed by the NTP to be inadequate for meeting the specific academic needs of their students.

What is the solution?

Following the termination of NTP funding, it’s essential that we rethink our strategy for bridging the education gap. One promising scheme is the Pupil Premium, a funding mechanism that allows schools the freedom to allocate resources based on the specific needs of their students. By empowering schools to use these funds in a manner that best supports their students, they can implement tailored educational interventions that are both adaptive and targeted.

Shifting the focus back to measuring academic progress and enabling schools to leverage resources more effectively could pave the way for more sustainable and impactful solutions for addressing educational disparities. By championing innovative tutoring methods and providing students with the necessary tools to thrive academically, we can create a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape.

At TLC Online, we are committed to driving positive change in education through collaboration with schools, educators, and stakeholders. We develop innovative and student-centred solutions to support students on their learning journey and empower them to achieve their full potential. As we move beyond the NTP, let’s embrace new opportunities to make a lasting impact by narrowing the education gap and ensuring every student has the opportunity to succeed.

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By Josh Blackburn, Chief Operating Officer at TLC LIVE