Celebrating education: An evening at the House of Lords

TLC Team 2 (1)TLC LIVE team

We were pleased to organise our sixth networking dinner at the House of Lords earlier this month.

Bringing together Virtual School Heads, senior leaders, school staff, and local authority Alternative Provision managers from across the country, the event explored the positive changes we have seen within the education system over the last year.  Allowing opportunities for education leaders to share their experiences, best practises and come together to celebrate their passion is vital to help raise standards and drive positive outcomes for students.

The evening featured keynote speakers like Matthew Cooke, head of the NAVSH and Suffolk’s Virtual School who shared a positive insight into the educational sphere. He also discussed the need for teachers to embrace technology, as well as the importance of prioritising the mental health of educational professionals.

Of course, the highlight of our evening was showcasing the expertise of TLC LIVE to others in the sector: our effective tutoring for schools across England. We had great feedback from across the board, and felt like a lot of valuable connections were made.

Sharing stories is an important part of education, and this holds true for both ourselves and students. We had some really positive conversations with Virtual School Heads, and subsequently learnt a lot about the differences around special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) between England and Wales.

Overall, it was a great evening and we are looking forward to future events where we can share valuable insights and effectively network with others in the profession.

By Josh Blackburn, COO at TLC LIVE