EBSA student makes significant improvement using online tutoring

School refuser makes significant improvement using online tutoring

Many students face unique challenges that can hinder their academic progress, including Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA). We recently worked with a Year 11 student who was battling anxiety and depression. Upon joining a mainstream secondary school, the student’s attendance plummeted to a mere four percent of total school time. These absences and her poor mental health was taking its toll on her education, as it was making it challenging for her to leave her bedroom on some days.

Concerned, her parents decided to remove her from school and pursue home education at the end of the previous academic year.

To help the student catch up, Essex County Council drafted TLC LIVE in to provide tutoring. Following our work with the student, the parent said:

“I am incredibly impressed with TLC LIVE. The initial help I received from Maria and the team was efficient, informative and they were very understanding of the fact our student took a few days to settle into her learning after a year of not attending school.

“The learning has certainly helped our student’s mental health as she now has a purpose and something she has to do each day. She has found that your teachers are extremely good, she is managing to follow the content and she has gained a rapport with them too which has helped her.

“The learning has increased her confidence and taken the pressure off her regarding attending college this September. She was feeling very isolated and like a failure, as she could not attend school, but now her confidence has definitely increased.”

This is one of many case studies which demonstrates the transformative power of personalised support. The online alternative provision support we provide builds confidence and empowers students who feel helpless in the traditional school set up.

Through engaging with experienced teachers, the student is conquering her anxieties, regaining her confidence, and setting her sights on a promising future. This story serves as an inspiration to all virtual school heads with students facing similar challenges: with the right support and dedication, students can overcome the obstacles they face.

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By Josh Blackburn, COO at TLC LIVE