Year 5 maths questions

At TLC LIVE, our tutors deliver hundreds of hours of one-to-one KS1 and KS2 maths tutoring every year. They use our comprehensive library, which includes over 20,000 hours of targeted content designed for students across multiple subjects and year groups from KS1 to GCSE.

Here are some Year 5 maths questions as an example of the content that students cover when they receive online maths tuition through TLC LIVE.

10 sample year 5 maths questions

1. Find 25% of 40

2. Answer the question below:

a graphic using the long division sign to represent 2 divided by 212 for the year 5 maths problems page

3. Find the coordinates of the green square.

a coordinates grid with a green square seven along and zero up for the year 5 maths practice page

4. How far is it from Ongar to Woodford?

a mileage chart showing that it is 45 miles from Ongar to Woodford for the year 5 maths questions page

5. How many children chose curry?

a pie chart showing that four children chose curry for the year 5 maths quiz page

6. A book is 24cm long and 20cm wide. What is the area of the book?

7. Find the mean of the following: 1, 3

8. This cuboid is made up from 1cm cubes. Find the volume of this cuboid.

A cuboid which is two tall, two deep and five wide for the year 5 maths questions page

9. 5¹

10. Find the missing angle in this triangle.

an obtuse triangle with one angle labelled 100⁰, one labelled 30⁰, and the other labelled x for the year 5 maths practice page

Answers to the year 5 maths questions

1. 10
2. 106
3. (7,0)
4. 45 miles
5. 4
6. 480cm²
7. 2
8. 20cm²
9. 5
10. 50⁰

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Written by Ryan Lockett, director of studies at TLC LIVE.