Year 8 maths questions

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Here is a set of ten Year 8 maths questions as an example of our online maths tuition content. These Year 8 maths problems are a great way to test students’ knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

Ten sample Year 8 maths questions

1. Evaluate -2³

2. (Do not use a calculator) Solve: 1/5 ÷1/4

3. Calculate 22% of 40 =

4. (Do not use a calculator) A car travels at a speed of 60 kilometres per hour for 20 minutes. How far has it travelled?

5. (Do not use a calculator) The ratio of girls to boys in a chess club is 3:4. If there are 12 girls, how many boys are there?

6. (Do not use a calculator) Complete the sum: 630 ÷ 15 =

7. Find the cube root: ³√64

8. (Do not use a calculator) How many children said their favourite sport was football?

a pie chart showing the favourite sports of 36 children for our page of Year 7 maths questions. Football is represented by a right angle, rugby by 100°, tennis by 80°, swimming by 50°, and "other" by 40°

9. (Do not use a calculator) Complete the sum: 354 x 23

10. Find x: 3x + 2 = 14

Answers to the year 8 maths questions

1. -8
2. 4/5
3. 8.8
4. 20km
5. 16
6. 42
7. 4
8. 9
9. 8,142
10. 4

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Written by Ryan Lockett, director of studies at TLC LIVE.