Year 11 maths questions

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Here is a set of 11 Year 11 maths questions as an example of our online maths tuition content. These GCSE maths questions are a great way to test students’ knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

11 sample Year 11 maths questions

1. x = -1, find the value of 2x³

2. (You may use a calculator for this question) Julie buys and sells sweets. She buys a box of chocolates for £3 and sells it for £4.80.What is her percentage profit?

3. (You may use a calculator for this question) There are 572 members of a running club. 5/11 of these are women. 1/4 of these are men. The rest are children.

4. You may use a calculator for this question) Here is a distance-time graph of a taxi’s journey. What speed did the taxi travel in the first hour if its journey?

a diagram for our page of Year 11 maths questions. It shows that from 11:40 to 12:40, the taxi travels 30 miles.

5. A leaking tank is filled with water at 9:30am. 30ml of water drips out of the tank every five minutes. At 2:30 PM, the tank is one third full. Find the capacity of the tank.

6. If x and y are whole numbers, x > 40, and y < 30, what is the smallest possible value of x – y?

7. (You may use a calculator for this question) A dance studio has a temperature of 20⁰C. The formula for converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit is: Celsius x 1.8 + 32 = Farenheit. How hot is the dance studio in Fahrenheit?

8. Sam wants to take a taxi. He looks at the graph below to find the cheapest taxi but finds that they will cost the same amount as his journey is 2 miles long. How much will Sam’s journey cost?

a cost-distance diagram for our page of Year 11 maths questions. The lines intersect at the 2 mile mark, corresponding to £13.50 and the 9.2 mile mark, which costs £18.60

9. (You may use a calculator for this question) Paula is going to hire a band to play at her party. This costs £840 and there are four members of the band. The lead singer will take 1/3 of the money and the balance will be shared equally amongst the other members of the band. How much money will the lead singer get?

10. (You may use a calculator for this question) Calculate: (7.1 x10⁴) – (6 x10³)

11. (You may use a calculator for this question) A large jar of coffee costs £3.50 and contains 400g. A small jar of coffee costs £2.10 and contains 250g. How many grams do you get per penny in the larger jar?

Answers to the year 11 maths questions

1. -2
2. 60%
3. 169
4. 30 mph
5. 2.7 litres
6. 12
7. 68⁰f
8. £13.50
9. £280.00
10. 6.5×10⁴
11. 1.1g

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Written by Ryan Lockett, director of studies at TLC LIVE.