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In August last year, we took on a significant challenge when presented with the case of a 17-year-old girl from Afghanistan, who arrived in England under the resettlement scheme. A single parent to a six-month-old baby boy, she faced the dual challenge of adapting to a new country while concurrently advancing her English language skills to pursue education and employment opportunities.

Her educational journey with us began with a referral for <em>English for Speakers of Other Languages</em> (ESOL) provision, starting at an A1 proficiency level. The ambitious goal was to progress through to a B2 level within the span of approximately 12 months (February 2022 to November 2022). The proficiency levels ranged from A1 (Beginner) to B2 (Upper-Intermediate).

Our team of qualified UK teachers worked with the student over the specified period, guiding her through the intricacies of the English language. The progress was not only measured in terms of language proficiency but also in the broader context of the pupil’s life. Over the months, she demonstrated commendable growth, advancing from an A1 level to a B2 level.

Recognising the importance of continued support, we extended our English provision for the student even after reaching the B2 level. This additional support period lasted until November, during which the pupil received six more months of tutoring. The sustained effort aimed at solidifying her language skills and providing a seamless transition to the next phase of her educational journey.

The success of the intervention was vividly captured in the quotes from the Virtual School, the entity responsible for the referral. The Virtual School expressed delight in the student’s newfound confidence to embark on a college education. The online tuition we provided played a pivotal role in equipping her with the linguistic skills and self-assurance needed to leave home and access education in a college setting.

Additionally, the school highlighted the pupil’s “amazing progress,” acknowledging not only the development of language skills but also the growth in confidence that accompanied her journey.

This pupil’s case serves as a testament to the transformative impact of tutoring. Beyond language proficiency, the programme from our tutoring for schools service played a crucial role in fostering confidence and empowerment, enabling her to take the significant step of enrolling in college.

This case study underscores the broader societal impact of personalised online education, particularly for individuals navigating challenges such as resettlement and language acquisition.


“I am delighted that the student now has the confidence to start college – her online tuition with TLC LIVE really helped her to improve her English to a level where she now feels able to leave home and access education in a college setting.”

Debby Rigby

Virtual School Headteacher for Children with a Social Worker in The City of London