Case Studies

Mandeville Primary School – KS2 – Maths

Mandeville Primary School


Mandeville Primary School


What made TLC LIVE stand out from other options?

“As a school, we looked at the suggested companies in partnership with the NTP. We particularly wanted to use a local company and spoke to other schools in the area to find out who they had used and their opinions. I contacted a couple of companies, looked at what they were offering and liked TLC LIVE’s set up and demonstration. I thought the platform used was interactive and appealing to children. I liked seeing the steps of progression in the questions and the challenge available. I also liked the way the children got instant feedback during the sessions and detailed feedback I could access as the children moved through the block.”

What have you been able to achieve since using our service/how have the students progressed since using TLC LIVE?

“This one is quite complex because it is hard to know what comes from the tutoring and what comes from the class (or small group focused support – as these often went hand in hand with those children we targeted). However, overall, the children all reported feeling more confident in the subject and we found their attitude to maths improved. Some children commented on how they were able to use what they had learnt in the session in the next lesson in class and felt it really helped them. When this link was made, the learning was at its best. I would say our children who have additional needs made less progress than those who do not have additional needs, but this is to be expected. Some children, especially those who could stay focused throughout the sessions, made incredible progress from their first assessment to their last.”

How have you found the ease and functionality of our online service and the service provider by your case handler?

“The system is really easy to use. The application process, the letter templates for families and the support through the whole process makes it so easy to set up. The team has been on hand to answer any queries and the company have been very flexible and met the needs of the school (changing dates to accommodate school closures for example).  I have used the company for several groups of students and never had an issue. I have recommended this company to other schools, and they have now also used TLC LIVE successfully.”

Which children did you target support at?

“Initially we chose children receiving Pupil Premium support. Once we knew this scope could be widened, we decided to support children who had been impacted by Covid and those who found it a challenge to complete home learning. Mostly, those children would have been not hitting age-related targets and needed a boost.”

What were you most satisfied with?

“I feel like the best thing to come from the sessions is the children’s positive attitude to maths and the confidence the sessions build in our pupils. The children’s sense of being able to succeed in maths is priceless. The instant support from the tutor as and when they need it, means we can really close the gaps. The way the platform builds in difficulty really takes the child forward and they love the positive phrases they receive to keep them motivated.”

What was the main reason you would recommend TLC LIVE?

“Great communication – flexible and supportive company – engaging and interactive platform – positive tutors – great for confidence building.”

Michelle Smith

Pupil Premium Leader, Mandeville Primary School