Case Studies

The James Oglethorpe Primary School – KS2 – English

James Oglethorpe Primary School


The James Oglethorpe Primary School


What made TLC LIVE stand out from other options?

“TLC LIVE stood out as a tutoring provider that would be able to provide bespoke tutoring for the diverse needs of our students.”

What have you been able to achieve since using our service / How has the student/s progressed since using TLC LIVE?

“Fifty percent of our students, who received 15 hours of virtual tuition, made accelerated progress in one term.  We have also seen a noticeable improvement in their self-belief as learners.”

How have you found the ease and functionality of our online service & the service provided by your case handler?

“Our case handler provided an excellent and professional service by consistently meeting all of our tuition requests, and providing flexibility with any last-minute timetable changes. She was always quick to respond, pleasant and helpful.”

Do you have any information on what you were looking to target? e.g. why did you select those students? What did you want the outcome to be?

“Our school’s priority was to improve the progress and the attainment of children who were eligible for pupil premium funding.”

What were you most satisfied about?

“Our children found the tutors to be engaging and helpful.  I found the tutors receptive to their needs and ready to adapt their lessons where appropriate.  I was also impressed with the tutors’ ability to build good rapport with each child, and the encouragement and praise they gave throughout each tutorial.”

What’s the main reason you’d recommend TLC LIVE?

“TLC met the specific needs of our school.  The tutors understood and met the diverse learning needs of our students.  The diagnostic assessment allowed for lessons to be personalised while the continuous assessments meant that learning remained relevant throughout.  Feedback from our students on TLC’s tutoring for schools service was overwhelmingly very positive.”

Kate Harris

Pupil Premium Intervention Teacher, The James Oglethorpe Primary School